• Ron J.
    09/30/2018 09:41

    we gotta do this

  • Peach B.
    09/27/2018 16:59

    eto un sinasabi ko nung asa mcdo tayo, share ko lng hahaha

  • Sam C.
    09/27/2018 04:14

    Oh no there’s nobody that looks like me. Grow up baby

  • Ivette M.
    09/27/2018 03:48

    from Pearland lol

  • Ngoc Q.
    09/26/2018 12:51

    Minh Tan Doan

  • Dominic D.
    09/26/2018 04:30

    I think it's important to remember that if you go to an Asian country all of the posters are of Asian people

  • Beth C.
    09/25/2018 21:06

    It’s kinda funny how they didn’t know

  • Collin M.
    09/25/2018 03:33

    They gave him and his friend 25k checks each for their prank and the company is now looking into more diversity for their ads. Kinda funny.

  • Kayla B.
    09/24/2018 04:52

    so funny

  • Ern F.
    09/23/2018 11:04

    What does this have to do with anything it’s just one guy who’s hurt about it

  • Karl V.
    09/23/2018 07:09

    kani ako ingon

  • Samuel A.
    09/22/2018 02:15


  • Ravi C.
    09/21/2018 23:45

    For people saying asians dont have other races on their walls....the truth is "they dont have pictures of any races on their walls".

  • Hunter S.
    09/21/2018 19:35

    What about us Native Americans right

  • Austin C.
    09/21/2018 13:31

    What a moron

  • Deaundre B.
    09/19/2018 16:50


  • Edna N.
    09/19/2018 05:28

    They were already recognized by Ellen DeGeneres and yes, McDonald’s.. lucky kids got $25k each courtesy of McDonald’s...

  • Phoua Y.
    09/19/2018 03:19

    Lol!! Cool!!

  • V. D.
    09/18/2018 23:30

    Que bueno que eso no funciona asĂ­ en los humanos jajaja hubieran puras mujeres en este mundo jajaja

  • Nicole T.
    09/18/2018 23:20

    idk if I already tagged you in thsi

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