Meanwhile at the White House for Thanksgiving

🩃 Donald Trump pardoned Butter, "a wonderful and tremendous turkey." Here is why the president pardons a turkey every 4th Tuesday of November for Thanksgiving.

Most emblematic in the U.S. It has also become a commercial holiday

Turkeys pardoned by U.S. presidents

U.S. President Donald Trump goes up to Butter the turkey, places his hand on it and says: “Butter, I wish you a lot of luck. But I hereby grant you a full and complete pardon. Full and complete." Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., every 4th Tuesday of November, the U.S. president pardoned a turkey. As a result, Butter will not be eaten this Thursday for Thanksgiving, an American holiday dating back to 1621. The presidential turkey pardon at the White House is first and foremost a media event. It’s an opportunity for the president to show his humorous side and send a few messages.

The life of the Turkey

Bread and Butter, the 2 turkeys pardoned by Donald Trump, aren’t just any turkeys. They were selected by the National Turkey Federation for their attractiveness and ability to stay calm in a crowd of people after a long competition. When it comes to the last point, it’s not always a success. Before and after Thanksgiving, these roughly 1-year-old turkeys are treated like stars. They were brought to Washington D.C. by plane and are kept in a luxury hotel room that costs $3,000 per night. They have their own photo shoot with all the presidents before leaving on vacation for a few days at Mount Vernon, George Washington’s historic home in Virginia. Unlike the 46 million turkeys eaten during Thanksgiving, Bread and Butter will end their days at a farm. After being fattened over several months for Thanksgiving dinner, they are quickly killed. The normal life expectancy of a turkey is 11 to 13 years. A thanksgiving turkey’s life expectancy does not exceed 2 years. As for the turkeys that were not selected, they will be served at the White House for Thanksgiving dinner.

What is Thanksgiving?

Parades, food and family
 This is what Thanksgiving is about. The holiday originally dates back to the 17th century and the help provided by the Native Americans to the Pilgrims who landed from the Mayflower. In 1863, President Lincoln made Thanksgiving an official holiday. On this day, most Americans are off from work. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to express gratitude for what you have in life and celebrate blessings over the past year. It is generally celebrated around a turkey, usually accompanied by traditional dishes such as sweet potatoes or pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving is celebrated in several countries, but it is the most emblematic in the U.S. It has also become a commercial holiday. In New York City, the department store Macy’s holds a huge Thanksgiving Day parade every year. In the 1960s, the day after Thanksgiving became known as Black Friday. On this day, most Americans are off from work. It's a great opportunity to go shopping with your family.