Meet John McCain

John McCain — P.O.W., presidential nominee, "Maverick" — is fighting for his life in a battle with cancer. Here's a look at one of the most prominent politicians of the modern era.

06/17/2018 9:27 PMupdated: 08/23/2019 9:31 PM


  • Frank W.
    06/26/2018 11:52

    F🇺🇸🇺🇸k John McCain

  • David G.
    06/21/2018 14:27

    This guy is a joke we need to get rid of all the politicians like him

  • Brandon A.
    06/20/2018 05:13


  • Edgar L.
    06/20/2018 04:51

    Hes still alive??

  • William H.
    06/19/2018 22:04

    I think Sarah Palin is ridiculous but it's kind of unfair to put that Tina Fey clip in there :D

  • Bob C.
    06/19/2018 11:35

    Jerry Blight as a nurse your comment shows you are nothing short of inhuman. YouTube dirtbag

  • Anthony R.
    06/19/2018 07:43

    Just think for one minute this man is a good man and America has as there president a lier a coward a stealer of money and this is so sad for your country

  • Elizabeth A.
    06/18/2018 18:12

    The mighty hand of God will touch and heal him IJN.

  • Douglas A.
    06/18/2018 14:37

    Let's hope he makes a full recovery so we can execute this traitor.

  • André R.
    06/18/2018 13:52

    meat mc can anti-trump guy

  • Judith O.
    06/18/2018 10:14

    I may not have agreed with him in the past, but I have the upmost respect for this man now! Not just because of his illness but he has stood virtually alone opposing Trump and the rest of the spineless, uncaring Republicans when voting on ridiculous legislature that would affect millions of Americans negatively!!! Thank you Sen McCain for being the MAN that you are

  • Pat M.
    06/18/2018 10:10

    To those of you who post such inhuman filth I pray you experience his pain 10 fold you disgusting death mongers. A “special place in hell” awaits you

  • Dasha H.
    06/18/2018 08:09

    I have disagreed with his positions many times, but I believe he loves this country.

  • Hayatullah S.
    06/18/2018 06:36

    God may strengthen his life and heal him to be healthy and strong again!

  • Sundeep S.
    06/18/2018 04:25

    May he rot and burn in the fiery pits of hell for his war mongering crimes

  • Chris J.
    06/18/2018 00:39

    One of the most corrupt politicians of the modern era

  • Natlee M.
    06/17/2018 21:30

    May The Creator strengthen John McCain

  • Kim K.
    06/17/2018 21:03

    traitor that got men killed

  • Angela R.
    06/17/2018 20:00

    Did you people even stop and think about his family before posting your twisted way of thinking, yall are really mature!!! not......

  • Joe L.
    06/17/2018 19:53

    back stabbing rino