Meet John McCain

John McCain — P.O.W., presidential nominee, "Maverick" — is fighting for his life in a battle with cancer. Here's a look at one of the most prominent politicians of the modern era.

06/17/2018 9:27 PMupdated: 08/23/2019 9:31 PM


  • Matilde R.
    09/08/2018 20:11

    Considero al Sr. Macain , como una gran persona , Héroe de guerra y que como Presidente hubiese dado mucho por su país y por un mundo libre . Dios le de el descanso Eterno .

  • محمد ع.
    08/31/2018 12:52

    لعنة الله عليك،رب العالمين العدل،هو من سينتصف منك انت وغونداليزا،للشعوب البريئه والاطفال اليتامئ الذين كنتم السبب في قتلهم وتشريدهم..

  • لافاند.رسيس ل.
    08/31/2018 10:01

    الله اكبر من جبروتكم يا حكام امريكا اسراءيل شعب العراق يشور يجي يوم الارض تنشق وتحرقكم تحتها دمرتوا وطن

  • Lal M.
    08/30/2018 18:13

    Father of terrorist has gone to jahannum

  • William V.
    08/30/2018 17:34

    He is a traitor, his military record is a disaster, he was being tried for treason but pardoned by nixon, divoced his wife solely because her accident and disfigurement wouldn't look good in politics, voted agsinst every veteran benefit brought before him, ran naitive american indians off their land for casino money. What did he do that was good. He is directly responsible for the worst naval disaster in us history then ran below deck and watched on the screen. Hes a coward.

  • Nafaa J.
    08/30/2018 13:31

    سلملي. على كل من في الجحيم

  • Anyafulu A.
    08/30/2018 07:56

    Rest in peace

  • Eusebio P.
    08/30/2018 03:28

    Death has you, but not heading to don't belong there....heading down dude....

  • Imen A.
    08/29/2018 20:47

    A man with integrity who loved his country without asking for anything back.

  • Anwar S.
    08/28/2018 23:27

    So this Man may have thrown Napalm bombs on civilians in Vietnam. No wonder why he supported ISIS.(pictures with ISIS leaders prove it).

  • Diwakar R.
    08/28/2018 19:20

    Rest in peace Sir. You were a true gentleman.

  • Dani S.
    08/28/2018 14:18


  • Al A.
    08/28/2018 13:00

    الى جهنم

  • Ammar A.
    08/28/2018 09:20

    Gone to hell, God damns your soul

  • مرزوق ا.
    08/28/2018 08:45

    كلب ومات سعي في خراب ودمار العديد من الدول العربية منهن ليبيا

  • Nordine S.
    08/28/2018 00:56

    Le plus grand terroriste

  • جبريل ز.
    08/27/2018 15:52

    He shall burn in hell.

  • Hosein H.
    08/27/2018 13:02

    He was a great American and a true hero. not that Fox News hack, Sean Hannity

  • Предраг И.
    08/27/2018 09:24

    I hope that Mc Cain burn in hell

  • Mazhar H.
    08/27/2018 08:53


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