• Olivia M.
    05/18/2017 17:04

    It was so nice to see how her parents and herself handled this situation with nothing but class! Such an amazing example for their daughter. Her hair is gorgeous and she completely rocks it 🙌🏻💜

  • Julius L.
    05/18/2017 17:13

    I'm glad they didn't just accept that what was morally wrong.

  • Yasmine A.
    05/18/2017 17:19

    Happy the parents handled it so well and I would say that's discrimination and other race should understand we got different hair texture so we can't look the same.

  • Breezy B.
    05/18/2017 17:32

    It's 2017 and they are still trying to make us hide or change our hair! Smh just sad...

  • Pierce B.
    05/18/2017 17:44

    Her momma need to jump on too, they got a tight family

  • Samantha L.
    05/18/2017 18:54

    I told you

  • Noelle G.
    05/18/2017 18:57

    "You should get your hair done." Done? It is done.

  • Niecy B.
    05/18/2017 20:37

    Ok these schools wont care if we have all these colors and ghetto styles in our hair, but as soon as we go natural its a problem. They will let goth kids sport Mohawks and looking like a devil's reject but got something to say about hour hair

  • Rikki S.
    05/18/2017 20:48

    Im glad the school handled it the right way some of these schools would have just ignored her

  • Carrie W.
    05/18/2017 21:11

    Remember when Dr. King said that he hoped people wouldn't be judged by their character or merits but rather by their hair style? Oh, wait.

  • Allison W.
    05/18/2017 21:35

    this is a private boarding school with over 50k a year tuition

  • Samar M.
    05/18/2017 21:59

    How does biology violate a dress code? People are getting stupid as time goes on. Embrace your hair! I honestly love it! Straight hair is boring, so any wavy or rough hair has some spunk!

  • Andrew D.
    05/18/2017 23:10

    It's a private school they make their own rules about what you can and can't do as far as dress code they would make guys cut their hair if it touches your collar and can't wear it certain ways....yea it is a dumbass rule that I don't agree with just another way for them to try and control ppl

  • Autumn N.
    05/18/2017 23:33

    I dont see why any school has any policy about hair period. Its just hair its not a revealing outfit etc. And color or texture shouldn't matter, nobody gets distracted by it trust me. Nobody cared at all about my unnaturally colored hair and everyone could still learn so this is dumb, especially since its actually natural

  • Breanna A.
    05/18/2017 23:43

    Just saying, there are more important things in the world than whether or not she wears their her natural. Like, oh I don't know, her education. Schools need to calm down with these outlandish dress codes. I'm pretty sure they know they're being ridiculous at this point

  • Hilary T.
    05/18/2017 23:43

    Do I just have no idea what dreadlocks are? Her hair is curly but it's not knotted or matted. BS school policy aside... idk am wrong? It just seems curly

  • Maybeth R.
    05/18/2017 23:54

    Lame school dress codes!!!

  • Libby B.
    05/19/2017 00:00

    Caylen Jeańe

  • Amanda E.
    05/19/2017 00:13

    I don't understand what people see wrong with natural hair

  • Carly G.
    05/19/2017 00:18

    My old school doesn't care at all, why can't all schools be like that