• Evan E.
    06/22/2017 22:25

    Oh but did you hear what alex recorded? And how the took hours to edit a few minutes of an interview.

  • Marquis S.
    06/22/2017 18:50

    Thing is she's playing the good cop bad cop role with these leaders to keep a balance so no one can see the full truth behind their scams. Believe neither one. It's all for ratings

  • Garrett P.
    06/22/2017 18:33

    Sandy Hook was a hoax. Look up some facts on it. How was a little girl that died in sandy hook, later in pictures with the president while he met her family to honor her after the shooting?

  • Jina B.
    06/22/2017 04:02

    Alex Jones, seriously, a nut job

  • Kristine T.
    06/20/2017 23:29


  • Ryan P.
    06/20/2017 21:09

    I suggest listening to the Interview that Megan Kelly has and then listen to the interview that Alex Jones has. If you follow either of them or dislike one or the other it's interesting to compare the two. Form your own conclusions.

  • Jose B.
    06/20/2017 19:25

    Leroy T Pritchard ok dude. You have no clue what is going on. Trump and the GOP want you to believe all media is fake. Then they can just do as they want and you have no one else to believe then the liar in chief. Trump said if he were to ever run for office he'd run as a republican because essentially that base is easy to manipulate. You have to give it to the man. He always says what's on his mind (even if it's a lie) and is super transparent with things.

  • Steve N.
    06/20/2017 17:56

    epic and stupid and obscene. She would have fired soft ball questions at Charlie Manson if it got her five points in ratings.

  • Jorge F.
    06/20/2017 17:34

    Allen Baldwin would destroy alex in a street fight

  • Michael D.
    06/20/2017 17:23

    It was so epic that she got record low viewrship

  • Susan B.
    06/20/2017 17:18

    He's not going away because you people continue giving this wack job air time.

  • Kencetta J.
    06/20/2017 17:07

    So everyone that's calling her out of her name must be Trump supporters. Since he hates her his cult does too. Even though she's good at her job.

  • John A.
    06/20/2017 16:29

    "garbage in, garbage out" - Megyn Kelly has no chill 😂😂😂👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Jay H.
    06/20/2017 15:37

    Megyn Kelly is has!

  • Monica G.
    06/20/2017 15:29


  • Jorge L.
    06/20/2017 14:01

    Lol Putin made her look stupid

  • Michael C.
    06/20/2017 13:27

    This ain't new!

  • Tony C.
    06/20/2017 12:49

    Megyn Kelly is deceitful scum. She lied to get him on air and set him up all for ratings. She's no journalists, she's just a whore with a microphone.

  • Diedra V.
    06/20/2017 11:14

    The fact that she even put him on her show..no thank you

  • Nathan R.
    06/20/2017 11:07

    This was a completely edited hit piece. Total trash and doesn't reflect Jones in an honest light what so ever.

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