Merkel vs. Trump on reopening the economy

Two heads of state, two ways of reopening the economy. German chancellor Angela Merkel versus U.S. President Donald Trump.

04/20/2020 9:11 PM


  • Kiko G.
    03/28/2021 11:50

    Trump is plain stupid and ignorant a complete illiterate moron

  • Bettina M.
    11/13/2020 20:06

    lol 🙈

  • Joshua E.
    09/26/2020 04:49

    So you see a German who is a really good leader and work hard to protect Germany. And you see a other German Guy who like to destroy USA. Finally the Germans win anyway 😅 But take the jokes away and speak it clear. You see a good leader and a bad one. German win this vs clear. Merkel is just to good and Trump is just a joke ☺

  • Road H.
    09/13/2020 20:38

    hindu will kill me grandmother hindu

  • Carol C.
    09/10/2020 04:12

    Trump is a liar who only cares about himself and money, not people

  • Christopher T.
    08/12/2020 23:36


  • Martin R.
    08/10/2020 22:05

    Super dargestellt! Der Unterschied zwischen Populist und Staatsfrau. Klasse! Ich hoffe die Welt lernt daraus und wählt zukünftig keine ehemaligen Pleitegeier, Schwachmaten, Dummschwätzer und Populisten (like Trump, Erdogan, Bolsenaro, Orban usw.) mehr.

  • Renata G.
    08/10/2020 05:44

    She is a CDU politician. At one point in this video, she's referring to Dr Tschentscher from the SPD. That's the - literally - vital difference between Germany and the US : German politicians are making it about the virus and the population, in the US it's all about politics and the candidate(s). This German togetherness of politicians is crucial: they have all the same goal.

  • Ivan N.
    08/07/2020 17:55

    Congratulation United States you won the world championship in dumbest president ever congratulation

  • Christian W.
    08/07/2020 16:40

    Halts maul merkelschwein

  • Susan L.
    08/07/2020 14:29

    The difference between a leader and a washed up reality tv 📺 show host.

  • Nina K.
    08/07/2020 12:16

    I loved it when merkel was talking all scientifically and he started to talk about puzzles 😅

  • Paul S.
    08/05/2020 16:59

    „Big stuff“ 😂😂😂🎉

  • Sascha S.
    08/05/2020 13:57

    Hier trennt sich Spreu von Weizen. Unsere Angie ist die beste 🥰

  • Carol T.
    08/04/2020 21:11

    Wir lieben sie

  • Paul W.
    08/04/2020 21:09

    That trump is like a 5 year old stuck in his imaginary perfect world where everything is as his little peanut brains imagine it to be... dafuq?!?!

  • Chris B.
    08/04/2020 20:15

    Ones a Nazi, the other is Trump

  • Miriam S.
    08/04/2020 16:22

    It makes me so angry listening to Trump. He says NOTHING! Like really NOTHING that has any kind of importance and value in it. He pretty much says one and the same sentence over and over again und lot of different versions. And then you have Merkel there. You know they kind of want to talk about the same thing though Merkel actually has information there. She talks about the hopeful aspects but also what can go wrong while trump just says: we’re going to reopen, we’re the greatest, we’re watching, it’s gonna be great because we are great. In Germany there are quite a few people who don’t like Merkel that much but even they should be able to admit that she is handling this amazingly and in case of a pandemic or a crisis she actually is an amazing leader...

  • Philipp K.
    08/04/2020 11:32

    Merkel is not undisputed, but compared to Trump, we Germans have been caught better for a long time. Unfortunately, when it comes to crisis competence in Germany, nobody has come close to it for a long time, according to Merkel. I dread that at the upcoming election in 2021. Hopefully the Americans have learned their lesson and will decide accordingly in the next election. Biden is certainly not the real thing, but he is always better than Trump.

  • Julian S.
    08/04/2020 07:12

    Trump took the best Obama Built American Economy and he smashed it to bits because he’s an idiot.

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