Michael Brown Sr.'s speech

"My people are tired of this." The father of Michael Brown spoke out in Saint Louis after a police officer was acquitted for the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith.

09/15/2017 12:00 AM


  • Victor C.
    10/12/2017 10:29

    He said "Yall" not "God"!!!!!

  • Victor C.
    10/12/2017 10:27

    He said "y'all" not "God" ( just getting rid of us).. they need a an Ebonics translator, do not butcher this King's powerful speech. 'Brut', take the time to translate it properly!

  • Taylor W.
    09/17/2017 10:29

    You pos he was a thug just like that P O S son of yours

  • Mariah R.
    09/17/2017 06:38

    White people are real life monsters. Marching and begging for they approval not gonna get I fell you kill one of us kill one of them. They killing us just for sport.😣😒

  • Franz K.
    09/17/2017 05:31

    Little mike shouldn't have tried to take Officer Wilson's 9 mm which was a fantastic equalizer!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashu O.
    09/16/2017 16:39

    Not all of us are what you want us to be. Times are changing. Since everyone wants to be negative here is a video of something positive. People of different races coming together to train for something positive.

  • Jay S.
    09/16/2017 16:11

    "Racism is as American as Baseball". Ppl can deny it all they want but reading some of these comments only proves my point.

  • Christopher S.
    09/16/2017 15:15

    I'm mad they had to put a caption on it as if we can't understand what he saying...and the caption ain't even his words doe...smh

  • Aaron H.
    09/16/2017 14:59

    One at a time 😀

  • Cee C.
    09/16/2017 13:44

    Need to march at the cop house judge house lawyers house it's just ridiculous 💯 let it start going on with white kids or they kids & and see what happens 💯

  • Debbie D.
    09/16/2017 12:42

    Che is basically saying that people are getting fed up will take action this system needs to learn and learn fast

  • Ankhufu A.
    09/16/2017 09:57

    Just gonna repost this comment here So after reading all these hateful comments from our slavemaster's children, will we work on separating ourselves from them (like God wanted his people to do with the Egyptians in the days of Moses)? Or will we riot for a few days then continue to go back to drinking, smoking, partying, fornicating, interracial dating, popping pills, gambling, watching sports, and doing everything that doesn't get us freedom, justice and equality?

  • Elihu C.
    09/16/2017 06:55

    Lol ya whites. It's over for you

  • Brandon W.
    09/16/2017 06:21

    He definitely Said "Y'all" not God, They think their slick man.

  • King D.
    09/16/2017 05:35

    The white devils can commit acts of evil with no justice against us but they shall burn in internal fire on judgment day

  • Benji A.
    09/16/2017 05:11

    US solders in AfganistĂĄn are held to stricter discipline when dealing with someone driving a car bomb towards them. Seriously, if the car doesn't stop, they are told I believe to shoot to the air.

  • Dominique J.
    09/16/2017 05:07

    Sad case

  • Samuel N.
    09/16/2017 05:04

    Most times this happens ,,makes another Dallas or Louisiana sniper of other cops who has nothing to do with the case.

  • Charles D.
    09/16/2017 02:36

    Yep white people hate black people. They'll deny but it's true.

  • Daddie R.
    09/16/2017 01:43

    The man said "y'all" getting rid of us,not "god" ---CLOWN ass caption director

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