• Marie H.
    3 days

    Trump is a Idiot

  • LH J.
    3 days

    Trump seems to be a mad man

  • Billy T.
    4 days

    Trump always tells the truth, I will Miss Him 😭😭😭

  • Mark R.
    6 days

    Mr Trump have great sense of humor 😅😅😅😅

  • Sean H.
    6 days

    Mike Pence should have been the 45th President, very classy and respectable.

  • Simonetta B.
    01/20/2021 00:35

    Anyone who can make Mike Pence look mentally stable and sensible could be a dangerous person

  • Mooi N.
    01/19/2021 13:11


  • Jen F.
    01/19/2021 08:38

    Pence was starting to go against Trump. Shame Pence they will spit you out when they fi wished with you.

  • Mally K.
    01/17/2021 19:36

    Byebye Trump...

  • Jen F.
    01/17/2021 11:19

    If Trump has a mental disorder then why do all the people love why did,ge do so many good things for the country in the 4 years . ???

  • Nick R.
    01/16/2021 14:39

    Even though they have different views, Mike Pence is still respectful of his opponents.. thats the way its gotta be. We are all still Americans by the end of the day

  • Alejandro T.
    01/16/2021 04:24


  • Waggeh M.
    01/16/2021 01:24

    It will start getting cold and colder.

  • Bob L.
    01/14/2021 19:51

    It will be cold in jail....

  • Lucia T.
    01/14/2021 08:18

    January 20, we will finally get rid of the BS these two have been spreading!

  • Linnea H.
    01/13/2021 15:52

    Trump is a stupid idiot and should keep his ugly mouth shut because all that comes out is a pathetic lie!!!!!!

  • Wing L.
    01/13/2021 07:22

    Pence is another liar

  • Julius O.
    01/12/2021 01:01

    Mike pence understands trump mental disorder and he has been very careful not to be on his black book. They disagree on so many issues of national policy but pence would rather cool his interest when there are conflicting issues. Left for pence Election is about winner and losers and no hard feelings but with trump and the numerous trumps supporters every where he has to play his game smart and careful

  • Daniel B.
    01/11/2021 22:39

    Stable genius 😂

  • Ken H.
    01/10/2021 22:13

    Mike Pence is more Mature!

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