Mitch McConnell on SCOTUS vacancy: 2016 vs 2020

Mitch McConnell seems to have changed his tune on filling a Supreme Court vacancy during an election year...

09/22/2020 2:36 PMupdated: 09/24/2020 6:02 PM


  • Ludger G.
    11/04/2020 06:46

    Yet the people of Kentucky for whatever reason saw fit to reelect him

  • David D.
    11/04/2020 03:07

    Fire Zombie mitch

  • Cyle J.
    11/04/2020 02:30

    He is a disgusting human being

  • Dennis M.
    11/04/2020 01:54

    I thought i was playing Castlevania for a min 😂😂

  • Juan M.
    11/04/2020 01:27

    Why are trump supporters obnoxiously ugly?

  • Alexis D.
    11/04/2020 00:32

    Why does Mitch McConnell look like a turkey so much?

  • Matt M.
    11/03/2020 23:42

    When he ignored the constitution where it says a nomination of the president is to be given a fair hearing and timely vote. Merrick Garland got neither. The seat was kept open for over a year while Republicans effectively stole the pick.

  • Betty M.
    11/03/2020 23:39

    Can't stand that man!

  • Andy P.
    11/03/2020 23:21

    Well same thing with democrats too lmao

  • Cody M.
    11/03/2020 21:39

    Where is his chin?

  • Axe S.
    11/03/2020 21:05

    Whats wrong with his eyes and his neck........😳😳😳

  • Jeremy B.
    11/03/2020 20:37

    May he receive all that he deserves.

  • Jason B.
    11/03/2020 20:24

    No matter how close it is to an election if a seat needs to be filled. It needs to be fill asap. Its doesnt matter who the president that nominates or the time of year. The united states must keep working. The presidency is only a temporary position.

  • Jesee C.
    11/03/2020 20:15

    Obama filling a seat on his 8th year is bull. Trump filling a seat on his 4th year of 8 makes absolute sense. Get over it.

  • No L.
    11/03/2020 18:41

    He's a nasty hypocrite!! Hope he gets his dose of Karma soon enough.

  • John C.
    11/03/2020 18:15

    someone lynch him from the nearest tree, the whole world would be the better for it.

  • Hu B.
    11/03/2020 17:02

    Hypocrisy and Lie at their finest.

  • Robert B.
    11/03/2020 15:42

    1 of the biggest injustices in American history and all of them should be held accountable. Never should be allowed to be in politics again. Either this SCOTUS pick was BS or that 1 was can't have IT both ways and for anyone to believe this is democracy the way the founding fathers envisioned this country is either blinded by their party's agenda or is an idiot, their is no in between.

  • Dez S.
    11/03/2020 15:40


  • Paul P.
    11/03/2020 15:01

    If the difference of circumstance needs to be explained to you, you're a naive fool. Republican senate, republican presidency. Of course he's on board. Its actually a middle finger to the left.

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