Mom Jailed For Fraud To Get Kids Into Better School

This mom lied about her address to get her kids into a better high school school — and was jailed. She believes there's a different standard for wealthy parents, like those involved in the college bribery scandal, and everyone else.

03/22/2019 6:01 PM


  • Gail B.
    09/02/2021 10:19

    If this lady incurs these penalties for her offences then the college fraud parents should have served more time. And do not get me started on the disgusting scandal that is college sports.

  • Kirsten L.
    03/12/2020 17:45

    There is a difference if they attended a public school out of their district vs bribbing a college so your kid can get in.

  • Valerie S.
    03/12/2020 15:01

    Bless her so true amen

  • Debra H.
    03/12/2020 11:09


  • Ching C.
    03/11/2020 05:31

    She's not the only one who do this, I know people who is doing the same thing, just trying to get a better education for there children, it's such a shame that people of colors have to do this just so there children can get a better education, it shouldn't be like this all children should have the schooling. If she was white nothing would come out of this, and law should be changed it shouldn't matter where you attend school, just as long as the children is in some school.

  • Francis J.
    03/11/2020 05:09

    I have mixed feelings

  • Joy A.
    03/10/2020 17:46

    My mama did the same for me.

  • Melissa D.
    03/10/2020 14:41

    Her father wasn't jailed over this situation. In fact, her father was convicted for 1 year for committing fraud to social security receiving $100,000 that he never should've received. He had claimed he had no other income, lived by himself and other claims. Kelly William-Bolar, never tried to fix the issues she had caused. She lied multiple times, and more so. She claims only now, that she did this to give her children a better education, however that also wasn't true. She later admitted that she used her father's address for the after school care program stating it was safer for her children to hang out there than at her real residence. There's a lot to this story that should be looked at before the public takes a stance on her side. This case would never had to go this far if she would've in the very beginning tried to resolve the issue at hand. Almost every statement she has made has been proven a lie by her own admission. People, please before everyone goes and scrutinizes the outcome, research for facts, not whatever sites your ideas of right and wrong. Also, if anyone of us parents feel that our children's school districts arent the best our children should receive, ask yourselves what YOU AS A COMMUNITY MEMEBER AND PARENT SHOULD BE DOING FOR OUR OWN COMMUNITIES AND SCHOOL SYSTEMS. Just as our children are a product of their environments, so are our schools and after school programs. Get it together

  • Kimberlee S.
    03/10/2020 01:16

    If you're going to advocate education equality (which is a HUGE need), then you also need to educate parents to raise their children better. So that there is no NEED for a mother to have to do this for their children. The school right down the street from her should have kids in it that didn't TAKE 20 minutes to settle down for the lesson. People may want to put that on the teachers, but it's actually the PARENTS who let that kind of crap go on in their house, that leads the kids to think it's acceptable behavior everywhere.

  • Carmen M.
    03/09/2020 15:37

    All you did was say that they lived at your parents address. That’s what a parent will do for the safety of their children and so they can get an education. What those celebrities did was actually lie about their children’s talents and falsified documents. I’m sorry that you had to pay for it as well as your father.

  • Rageena C.
    03/09/2020 15:23

    Not everything is black and white. She did what she had to do for her children. And if you don’t think there’s a double standard here, get some help.

  • Char R.
    03/09/2020 14:22

    Wow this is crazy. Yes I get she lied but jail time where someone loses their life over an address is ridiculous. The college scam was about academic lies. That’s much much worse than lying about an address. This didn’t warrant jail time. I’m in shock!

  • Lavaun B.
    03/09/2020 01:29

    Sad situation,it is difficult to have your child in a school that just have kids that doesn't mean to learn ,just don't care about anything and your child is willing to learn and just gets bullied, I had to home school my daughter,things got so bad she refused to go to school,too much trauma,

  • Ana L.
    03/09/2020 01:15

    First you cost the tax payers money! They did not.... that is the difference... and the punishment cost the taxpayers even more money!

  • Sandra H.
    03/08/2020 12:45

    My parents did the same thing when I was younger. My dad’s boss gave my dad his address in order for me to attend this school. The school that is around my house had many incidents with the staff and students.This system is so broken, I am truly disgusted that she had to go through all this just so her daughters could have a better education. It makes me sad how not all education is equal. The rich stay rich for this reason, it traps the rest of us in a loop of social immobility.

  • Zhune A.
    03/08/2020 08:08

    Yes rich DUMB ppl.

  • Norma H.
    03/08/2020 02:57

    A lot of parents in New York would be in jail now as this is common practice school that needs funding don't get it and the ones who can afford it gets more and who don't wants the best for their kids the system is set up for minority to fail

  • Sharna-kay K.
    03/07/2020 04:08

    We suffer in every single way. The white man wont give in. The shame

  • India W.
    03/07/2020 02:01

    It’s disgusting she was arrested and then put on probation

  • Snugg B.
    03/06/2020 23:43

    To get to the will have to first...get to the parents..

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