Mom Writes Children’s Books to Comfort Foster Kids

Keri Vellis Author and her husband have fostered 19 children. After struggling to find relatable books for her foster kids, she decided to write her own.đź“šđź’•

Mom Writes Children’s Books to Comfort Foster Kids

This foster mom couldn’t find relatable books for her foster kids — so she wrote some herself for U.S. society.

“Imagine your child being removed from your arms being placed in a new home — how scary that is and what these children go through. To have a child sit and read a book and feel good about their situation — what kind of gift are you giving them.”

In 2016, more than 437,000 kids were in foster care in the U.S. according to AFCARS. Keri Vellis started a non-profit, Keri’s Kids, to help distribute feel good reading materials for foster kids.

“My husband and I had three children, three birth children, together and through foster care we have adopted three children.”

“Our first two children were severely abused. I wanted to find a book that I could help these children relate with a bedtime story. And there was nothing at the bookstore and I came home and I told my husband there are no books. I want to write a book. And I wrote my first book which is called Sometimes. Sometimes as a story about a child who's removed from their home and lives in a new home how they might feel what they might be going through.”

Vellis hopes her books will help kids to change and inspire the world and aide anyone going through tough transitions to know they are not alone.

“These kids come from situations all different situations. They could be living in a trailer. They could be homeless. They could be living under a bridge. There's kids all over the US who have suffered some type of abuse and I want them to have my book, When I Was Little my second book When I was little is — a story about a child who's been abused who suffers from nightmares who has a hard time and how they disclose to a therapist about their abuse and how things are getting easier for them.”

“You don't realize that your kid's classmate might be in foster care and it doesn't mean their parents don't love them it doesn't mean that they're bad kids. These books help these children realize situations happen and it's not their fault.”