Moment-by-moment timeline of Capitol riots with previously unseen evidence

New footage shows how close Capitol rioters got to lawmakers on January 6th. Here's the full timeline of the violent rampage.

02/11/2021 10:37 PMupdated: 02/11/2021 10:40 PM


  • Hervé F.
    02/15/2021 10:16

    Shame on Trump, shame on Trump supporters !

  • Rajesh S.
    02/15/2021 08:02

    Ram Ram Sita Ram 🐏

  • Ajit S.
    02/15/2021 06:52

    I am convinced thst India is thr only country of the world where effective and true democracy is left see the russia china us or the western countries or African world whatever is happening around the world dissatisfaction citizen rampant disease infighting dream world fighting among itself in our country everything is solved in peaceful way though difference always exist and bound to exist in different political parties we have not resorts to use of voilence military rule use of power or force undemocratic styles of functions coercion undue influence we solve our problems through use of judiciary peaceful protest mutual and bilateral discuss through expert opinion and all our differences are solve amicable dialogues and discussion whatever the world would be u need money to live there but India u can live without money because people here's believe in excellence of God unfortunate this idea is not support by intellectual in India they promote a cultural of loot and voilence which has cripple and confused mentality

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