More than King: Other Civil Rights leaders to remember

While we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., it's also important to acknowledge the impact of other Civil Rights leaders.

01/15/2018 4:00 PMupdated: 01/16/2020 6:32 PM


  • Sylvan M.
    01/20/2020 15:23

    He was a good man, RIP

  • Jan L.
    04/26/2018 08:14

    Black is my history, I Lean more to gain victory

  • Excel M.
    02/28/2018 17:00

    God bless them

  • Limiter T.
    02/27/2018 18:35

    The great Nelson Mandela.

  • Christopher O.
    02/27/2018 16:30

    We are learning more

  • Tulasi R.
    02/26/2018 10:46

    Salute to everyone!

  • Dale R.
    02/26/2018 09:31

    Send Them All Back To Africa With The Rest Of Tge Monkeys And Baboons

  • Mwalimu B.
    02/26/2018 05:22

    Maximum respect to y'all black revolutionary

  • Larry C.
    02/26/2018 02:25

    Thurgood Marshall was ahead of his time. Fantastic human being-who had guts.

  • Abdul B.
    02/26/2018 00:06

    Malcom X, Rosa parks

  • Zide M.
    02/25/2018 22:21

    We have come a long way ameen

  • Gani M.
    02/25/2018 21:03

    Live on good men.

  • Lowesha J.
    02/25/2018 20:57

    By coincidence am watching Selma as I post.👍🏿👍🏿

  • Jordan S.
    02/25/2018 20:22

    They don’t mention Malcolm X because he spoke out against all of these people.He felt all of these people should of been more concerned with issues within the black community before addressing integration.

  • Nuur M.
    02/25/2018 19:42


  • Conradherbert F.
    02/25/2018 19:14

    Do we celebrate it in the way it should have been ? We are celebrating rape rally for a white boy. I usually play black conscious reggae on that day. I still love the black power movement.

  • Khash-Erdene G.
    02/25/2018 18:24

    Todd D. Sanders

  • Venkatesh M.
    02/25/2018 16:55

    Nothing has been delivered on plates for free to African Americans. It is unity, education and struggle. Hats off to all these reformers who sacrificed their life and lives on the altar of equality.

  • Markie M.
    02/25/2018 15:12

    What about the man who inspired them all..... MARCUS GARVEY!

  • Gresa H.
    02/25/2018 13:56


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