More than King: Other Civil Rights leaders to remember

While we celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., it's also important to acknowledge the impact of other Civil Rights leaders.

01/15/2018 4:00 PMupdated: 01/16/2020 6:32 PM


  • LeeJoy C.
    01/22/2018 00:47

    These men was powerful and what they did they was very good at it.We was taught to be the best at what we do and they did it.They came through some hard time and they still held there head up.There going to always be someone who say negative thing,we do not hear them.These great men was for civil rights for all people.Some people are so mean hearty they can see the good in anything.

  • Gail R.
    01/21/2018 13:18


  • Tileisha G.
    01/20/2018 21:02

    They did this for us

  • Louis T.
    01/20/2018 08:36

    Yes I understand your point whomever you may be ! BUT this ain’t the time to start the divide & conquer method , thank you for the info ? But NO thanks at this present moment .

  • Mina S.
    01/19/2018 22:38


  • Ouhachi O.
    01/19/2018 21:43


  • Eli D.
    01/19/2018 17:56

    I have lots of respect for this revolutionary, anti racist and wise leader 💪💪

  • Diakité B.
    01/18/2018 23:54

    le révolutionnaire

  • Mohamed I.
    01/18/2018 23:12


  • Min K.
    01/18/2018 15:29

    George Carver was the real father of black people

  • Berneda R.
    01/18/2018 13:53

    Many people stood with and marched for equal rights and justice along with the king. We must not forget. Many died, many were not mentioned. We must know that today's struggles and changes continues.

  • Mohtasim B.
    01/18/2018 10:16

    Nice Post

  • Baholeyan K.
    01/18/2018 08:48

    Oneness of mankind

  • Baholeyan K.
    01/18/2018 08:47

    Door to Door in Nation & Nation's. Now

  • Baholeyan K.
    01/18/2018 08:46


  • Muhammad K.
    01/18/2018 05:35

    Yes✅ do agree👍

  • Abas N.
    01/18/2018 02:55

    Luther King

  • Jason J.
    01/18/2018 01:27

    Didn't some these guys help in his demise?

  • Dennis A.
    01/18/2018 00:22

    I know there were alot of " whites " there too. We tend to forget that.

  • Arthur L.
    01/18/2018 00:02

    We can not and should not overlook nor work to discount or undermind the contrabutions these great people of the civil rights era made to bring about change for those of us who cried out for freedom justice and equality. There are many un sung heroes lets thank God each and every one of them!!

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