Mortality rate is raising

Something is killing more white, middle-aged Americans than anytime in a generation. And it's not cancer, heart disease or car accidents.

08/09/2017 1:00 PM


  • Derrick D.
    10/26/2017 00:38

    And this is y we have the new Jim crow. Middle aged white ppl can't cope with being rich so you no dam well they can't cope with being broke. So they can't blame themselves so they blame ppl of color, we're taking their jobs and now it's to much competition and they can't handle the competitiveness of the new world so it's deport all immigrants and kill all the blacks. And pick the most craziest ignorant old white man they can find and make him President.

  • Robert M.
    10/26/2017 00:00

    Only smart people believe in science. The others just have a strong opinion

  • Matthew P.
    10/25/2017 22:26

    This is the way our economy is moving and it is IRREVERSIBLE. Let's stop crying about it and start properly educating our kids to take advantage of skill-biased technological change that is inevitable.

  • Andrew T.
    10/25/2017 19:30


  • Deijah H.
    10/25/2017 02:52

    Basically saying white men are weak-minded

  • Reid A.
    10/24/2017 14:43

    They never spoke up when it has been happening to at least one group of people in this country for over 400yr

  • Erick M.
    10/23/2017 16:32

    Wait nobody noticed that those are all white countries on that chart and not of any other color or black and brown nationalities?

  • Nathan S.
    10/22/2017 03:31

    Read monetary theory as it exists today. Congressional allocation to the public purpose has been radically usurped by a bought off congress and greed taking trans national corporatists. Read:MMT it is the way forward for a federal job guarantee Medicare for all and student debt relief, the power of our system is captured by the money changers and privateers and they are consistently lying to you by saying the allocations of a sovereign issuer of currency can suffer scarcity. You are being robbed not through taxation but through disinformation!

  • Maria H.
    10/22/2017 03:20

    Why is it that because they are white we shouldn't have compassion for them? Sad how people are making jokes and saying they deserve it. You don't know these people or their lives

  • Bilal B.
    10/21/2017 21:37

    These people can't pay their bills but are buying alcohol and pills. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Miggie N.
    10/21/2017 21:05

    All the sins of thier ancestors are bearing fruit, plus thier weak 😅😂

  • Shannon M.
    10/21/2017 10:41

    “He got dead...”?

  • Amy A.
    10/19/2017 21:09

    Yet all the liquors store in the hood

  • Nedra W.
    10/19/2017 17:19

    Black folks UNDERSTAND!😤🇺🇸😤

  • Donald R.
    10/19/2017 15:26

    Can't feel bad for them man , get off your high horse and get another job it's always mental illness when the whites are doing it , but blacks are lazy, if this were a different group of people eighty percent of you white folks would feel no sympathy, f u if you say stop making this a race issue the documentary did not me , karma is a bitch deal with life and stop blaming drugs and alcohol , it's no disease it's a choice ,

  • Montreese U.
    10/19/2017 13:28

    This is disheartening

  • Taylor D.
    10/19/2017 05:05

    Now you don't see black people killing themselves because they can't get a good factory job Keep doing what your doing!

  • Johnny J.
    10/18/2017 20:32


  • Bear B.
    10/18/2017 04:36

    We keep voting these corporate politicians in office!

  • Pita B.
    10/17/2017 21:58

    In the words of Martin Luther. My eyes have seen the glory. KARMA!!!

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