• Christine S.
    08/10/2017 03:07

    Stupid mayor. I don't feel bad at all/

  • Christine S.
    08/10/2017 03:05

    BullShit we are at war with these assholes and don;t want them in our country. I say someone did us a favor.

  • Casey T.
    08/09/2017 14:54

    Too bad the building is still standing!

  • Linda S.
    08/09/2017 10:45

    Good grief nobody wants them here! Let them go back overseas!

  • Linda S.
    08/09/2017 04:51

    Renee Zellnerc

  • Jeff C.
    08/09/2017 01:17

    It was a Muslim that did it no doubt!

  • Yao Y.
    08/09/2017 00:35

    That's my governor! Yeah! Say it proudly.

  • Akbar Y.
    08/08/2017 22:48

    The truth and rights never vanish, however a lot try to cover them when thier dark hearts and thoughts

  • Jordan S.
    08/08/2017 20:17

    Gordon Bull secretly avoids Snickers so he can keep being a diva

  • Mikey K.
    08/08/2017 19:15

    No they want to scream that out lol

  • Osker S.
    08/08/2017 18:23

    unlawfully using violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

  • Shay-Marie T.
    08/08/2017 18:11

    🤔fake news ?

  • Aaron J.
    08/08/2017 18:01

    Good. Payback

  • Shawna B.
    08/08/2017 17:14

    From your vantage point color should not matter but from where I sit my color matters every day of my life. We have come far but we have a WAY long way to go.

  • Delonté R.
    08/08/2017 16:44

    This I agree with. It is an act of domestic terrorism. Plain and simple

  • Collin O.
    08/08/2017 16:38

    Is he drunk?

  • Laura G.
    08/08/2017 16:32

    Nothing from Trump? Waiting..... He is a major dick for not condemning these attacks.

  • Chad L.
    08/08/2017 16:29

    well said, it is a complete act of terrorism

  • Hugo A.
    08/08/2017 16:17

    Yup you see it every day who's attacking many minorities white racist people maybe not all but a really great percentage of them they are the real terrorist you seen it for years and continue to happens this times so you see they are guilty for so many issues in this country analize it that we already did god bless this country and all others

  • Andre L.
    08/08/2017 16:16

    Thank you for standing up and saying what it is.

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