• Hasan K.
    07/24/2017 04:54

    None is perfect in the world, life is all about giving a chance instead of finding faults. The world belongs to everyone except the people who trying to divide the society based on religion, region and skin color..

  • Jacobo L.
    07/21/2017 22:50

    Hahaha most of the racist people here are bunch of old tarts lol, s**t if funny with the grannys on FB lol

  • Steph T.
    07/21/2017 22:49

    Lol people are saying "just become a citizen" like if applying for citizenship is as easy as getting a library card. Don't you think if most of these people had the option to become citizens or even just simply apply for a work permit they would? Unfortunately most of them are fleeing from a country of poverty and violence. MOST of them come here to live a better life.

  • Kathryn E.
    07/21/2017 22:27

    I'd like to point out that while many immigrants originally came here illegally, a majority become documented under special immigration programs that allowed them to stay as documented immigrants. However, under this new administration, many immigration regulations have been changed resulting in those documented immigrants unwillingly and often unkowningly becoming UNdocumented and subsequently deported. So, it isn't a case of they weren't trying to go the legal route, they were and had been complying with immigration, working, living, and paying taxes legally.

  • Shoua T.
    07/21/2017 22:23

    Surprisingly the laziest people I've ever worked with are legal citizens!! They rob the company to the point where you literally see the profits go down the drain then the company moves to mehico

  • May A.
    07/21/2017 22:20

    The government is just only doing there job...even me as an immigrant here i dont complain what the government implenting coz thats the law..its also unfair for us who abide it..before coming we been followes the processed and we pay the amount needed to pay..upon arriving and to applying the green card we just follow what is in the process..if ur not legal here so its time to packed up and get back to the ur country thats the rule...were sacrificing not only our time but our patience and money to be a legal one...

  • Raymond H.
    07/21/2017 16:58

    No one is keeping you from taking your children with you, are they?

  • Chace J.
    07/21/2017 14:12


  • Barry A.
    07/21/2017 13:01

    Only took the US 23 years? ' Murica!

  • Linda H.
    07/21/2017 12:10

    Then she should have started things to become an American citizen!!!!!She has had plenty of time.

  • Dennis H.
    07/21/2017 10:45

    It's called "think before you act".

  • Megs G.
    07/21/2017 10:37

    Duh, being illegal is a crime. You didn't follow the immigration law! No squatters allowed!!!

  • Ed B.
    07/21/2017 07:47

    The US economy needs them as they contribute more then they take .She sounds pretty law abiding ,so send her and the kids to Canada as it has taken US refugees before.

  • Joshua C.
    07/21/2017 03:42

    YOU BREAK THE LAW YOU PAY THE PRICE and take the kids with you !!!

  • Tammy S.
    07/21/2017 02:52

    And how long has she been here? She had plenty of time to apply for citizenship. Wake up America.

  • Tana K.
    07/21/2017 02:24

    why didn't she go through becoming a citizen instead of hiding that she was not?

  • Cheryl K.
    07/21/2017 01:49

    I understand why she is being deported, but, why is it taking so long to deport all these terroists illegal immigrants? They should be top of your list. either deport those terroist illegals or take them out. and I do not understand why she did not apply for citizenship before it came to this.

  • Michael G.
    07/20/2017 23:34

    Simple solution. Strip the kids citizenship and ship the entire family south.

  • Stag A.
    07/20/2017 23:07

    Let her stay!!! All you people saying she is a criminal for being here make me sick. Heartless pricks

  • Stephanie M.
    07/20/2017 22:56

    Oh white america🤦🏽‍♀️

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