Muslim Woman Defends Jewish Family

"As a mother of two, it really did disturb me, and also as a practicing Muslim, for me to see that." Meet Asma Shuweikh, who stood up and defended a father and his young sons against anti-Semitic abuse on the London Underground.

Her faith is what drives her to speak out against injustice

Asma Shuweikh, a Muslim woman, was filmed defending a Jewish father and his young children from the anti-Semitic abuse they were receiving from another passenger on a London train. The video quickly went viral all over the world. Across social media, Shuweikh was heralded as a hero.

He saw this Jewish family and as he saw them, he rushed to them. And when he rushed towards them, he pointed at them and said to them, "Are you a Jew?" And as he replied to him, "Yes," that's when he started to slur all these anti-Semitic comments towards him. Someone did stand up to him, but he wasn't taking it. I thought if I tried to calm him down, maybe he might stop what he's doing. And plus, he was talking towards the children as well. It wasn't just the man himself. He was actually looking at the children and showing them, this is what it says here, "You are imposters. You are not the real Jews. You don't…" I felt really sorry for the children. As a mother of two, it really did disturb me, and also as a practicing Muslim, for me to see that, because obviously we've been subjected to racial hatred and Islamophobia, all this stuff. So, I mean, it just took me back to when I was subjected to that kind of cruelty and that kind of abuse, really,” Asma Shuweikh tells Brut.

Asma revealed she had been subjected herself to racist abuse in the past, recounting an incident in which a motorist had thrown jellybeans at her face. But, while no one stuck up for her then, she still found the inner strength to come to this family’s defense. A 35-year-old man from Hillingdon, who has not been named by police, was arrested in Birmingham on Saturday on suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offence and later bailed. His bail is subject to conditions and he is due to return to police custody on 21 December.


11/27/2019 9:22 PMupdated: 12/02/2019 4:42 PM


  • Xhema K.
    6 days


  • Ramsey B.
    6 days

    Jessus was killed by Jews but its OK because they taking over the world kids in Palestine getting killed every single day but its OK but men say truth making big thing because his black

  • Terry R.
    10/04/2020 08:59


  • Pat E.
    09/21/2020 22:59

    What is the difference between a extremist Zionist jew and a extremist black Israelites? Maybe she wanted brownie points lol

  • Paolo T.
    09/20/2020 14:11

    muslim jews cristian. .stop! there is only one God. .its the same. .I m romanic cristian live in italy. .and what? stop religius racist. .live your life and RESPECT

  • Wael
    09/17/2020 22:06

    ‎لا حول و لا قوه الا ب الله 😉 Please read with an open mind and get real hard facts from the source to be really educated on Islam and on some common sense:- There are 3 types of Muslims:- 1- Muslims who are only Muslims by name these are just people who don’t know nothing about Islam and don’t practice but are just proud to be Muslims without understanding 😉 2- Muslims who are liberated Muslims but also in complete denial or completely uneducated in Islam so even if you show them verses in the Quran about hate and murder of infidels or other crazy things they either don’t know or they may know but will try to reword it to still make Islam a religion of peace 😉 because ever since they were born that’s all they believe and just brain washed from the Truth. 3- The last type of Muslims are actually the true believers of Islam who follow the Quran word for word and exercise the true meaning of Gehad according to the Quran. These are the ones we call Terrorists who kill and rape in the name of Islam according to their God’s commandments in the Quran (I have many references so think twice before challenging what I am saying) How can Muslims in this day and age still worship or believe in an old man who committed many crimes against humanity.? 1-Muhammad killed innocents in the name of a false religion just like Osama bin Ladin or Daaesh today. 2- Muhammad exercised witchcraft and also his sexual needs and worldly desires by sleeping with many women and marrying 11 of them.. Wow . So did God send the last prophet 600 years after Christianity to spread the last important message for our salvation or God send someone to keep having sex with so many women and marry 11 of them including a 6 years old child ???? 3- Yes when Muhammad was 56 years old before he died at 61 married a child girl when she was only 6 years old !!! and slept with her when she was 7 or 9 years of age. This is very well known fact to all Muslims ??? This is a horrendous crime. Muslims believe that girls back then developed much faster 😂 and she was physically ready because long ago their bodies were different Just wow 😂😂😂 at their mentality, complete ignorance and their evil hearts. This is one of his many a crimes that must be punished by God and law enforcement. This is something that is against God’s ways and society either today or thousands of years ago. How would you feel if an old man 56 years of age wants to marry your young child sister or daughter or any child at 6 years of age!!!? What kind of a person would you be even if you think he is someone from God? If you agree to this then someone should report you and you should be locked up in jail. (No offense but this is a law) No matter how you or any Muslim try to justify this crime it will never be right by God’s law or society whether it was thousands of years ago or today. Muslims live in ignorant blind faith that provokes nothing but hatred towards anyone who is not Muslim. FRUITS OF ISLAM IS:- HATRED Only Muslims blow up themselves in the name of Allah and there is no difference between daesh now or thousands of years ago. They are all terrorists. Islam was spread by the sword 🗡 and blood 🩸 of many innocent people. Islam is purely based on lust, physical attributes, hatred and blood designed only for one language Arabic which is stupid to be honest. SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT If Muhammad was sent from God to be the last true prophet who came after Jesus many years later. To be the savior to all man kind for every race and every nation. Then his ways of life need to be inline with God who is pure and cannot contradict himself but all the thing’s Muhammad did are actually considered to be a crimes even not inline with the current ISLAMIC LAW right now. IMPORTANT:- 1- If Mohammed was someone who was sent from God then his ways of life should never contradict the ways of any society especially in the future and to all ages but this is someone who killed in the name of a religion which is now acknowledged worldwide especially by Islamic countries that it is a crime to do that. IMPORTANT 2- If Mohammed was sent from God he would not have lived such a lustful life and married 11 women and give your men rules to marry 4 women. These are all lustful desires nothing is spiritual and God has nothing to do with any of this. IMPORTANT:- 3- If Mohammed was sent from God he would not have married to a 6 years old child in his old disgusting age of 56 years old and in our society this is a crime that is acknowledged by Muslim countries and the rest of the world and I can assure it’s also a crime regardless of time. DID GOD NOT KNOW WE WILL CONSIDER IN THE FUTURE THAT IF AN OLD MAN SLEEPS WITH A CHILD IS A CRIME? Comments above are only minor of all the hundreds of horrible things I’ve come to learn about Islam growing up Muslims are either in denial or don’t know or they know but choose to live and die in their blind faith. Would you marry a 6 years old child girl to a 56 years old man even if you believe he this person is from God? Do you believe this is something from God? Please note. don’t care about the Bible or Torah. You can speak about Christianity all you like. I only love your prophet Muhammad and love to talk about his ways of life. All of my questions and comments are around common sense and not complicated. Anyone who wants to simply know the truth about your false prophet can easily use their brain and see what I am talking about. if you wish to respond please try to do so in an intelligent systematic way and at least answer my 3 important points above in the same order. TO KNOW THE TRUTH IS A GIFT FROM GOD TO THOSE WHO TRULY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH EVEN IF THEY ARE BORN IN BLIND FAITH. I just pray especially during these times that at least some will want to know the Truth.

  • Mohe F.
    09/14/2020 02:41

    I wouldve knocked him out

  • Brad D.
    09/13/2020 22:17

    Thank you .What a nice thing to do .

  • Ridwan K.
    09/13/2020 16:53

    Masha Allah sister you’re absolutely amazing human Alhamdu Lillah

  • Rob R.
    09/11/2020 09:23

    Good girl.

  • Ian W.
    09/10/2020 13:52

    Well done. He's just another 'care in the community'.

  • Odith D.
    09/09/2020 10:42

    Good evening and God bless you❤

  • Avi B.
    09/08/2020 19:58

    Worthless scum , what an animal you need to be to threat a kid .

  • Michael v.
    09/08/2020 12:42

    Great Man. Pity the Jewish fairytale with the imaginary guy in the sky no matter what translation, torah, quran or bible is rubbish. Also a Child should not be forced/indoctrinated into a certain way of life.

  • Joshua A.
    09/08/2020 11:28

    Who is this man?? he's right 💯

  • Vera B.
    09/08/2020 09:28

    There is only one God the Father and one Holy Bible. All others are fake

  • Jane S.
    09/08/2020 00:50

    Disgusting,way to treat anyone,if any colour or creed,or religion,it is a free world,NO ONE is better or worth anymore than anyone else

  • Ree C.
    09/06/2020 11:49

    He’s targeting the wrong kind of Jew.

  • Sandie R.
    09/02/2020 21:27


  • Jon M.
    08/31/2020 12:05

    Can't we all just get along BIG LOVE

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