• Jamie P.
    02/09/2020 20:15

    Round up the CRIMINALS send them home!!!!.. The dreamers have had ample time to become legal what are you waiting on?!!

  • Frank M.
    09/21/2017 16:32

    She needs to actually pass the law if she can. Blaming others is a huge copout

  • David M.
    09/20/2017 21:13


  • Madeline O.
    09/20/2017 20:28

    I disagree in the way this was carried out, could have done better

  • Joshua A.
    09/20/2017 20:04

    I consider myself a Democrat (There is no way I could be Republican... Unless I was rich I guess) but we do need stronger border security!

  • Diego E.
    09/20/2017 19:55

    And you all think this is pure laught and funny jerks

  • Diego E.
    09/20/2017 19:53

    Yall say they acted all wrong yet yall over here saying bad words do u know what it feels to be illegal and be here no you dont and why yall should be lucky yalls parents or grandparents came here illegaly for you to become a racist american who thinks yall white

  • Rene R.
    09/20/2017 18:05

    11 freakin million!!!!?

  • Tere M.
    09/20/2017 16:14

    Anyone who wishes to voice their opinion towards this people go to their facebook page california immigrant youth justice alliance this people arent dreamers so stop blaming dreamers... just watch the video they say it them self they aren't dreamers and don't care about the dream act or the 800k they are jeopardizing with their actions

  • Ted R.
    09/20/2017 15:36


  • Manuel F.
    09/20/2017 15:27

    Selfish rude lil girl needs, they are trying to help you you nitwit. Stop and think before you say anything

  • Carlos P.
    09/20/2017 12:59

    Im an immigrant and its my desire that undocumented people get legalized in this country. But, we gotta understand that this country is not obligated to give you a green card. And if DACA recipients want to be rude with the authorities, they gotta remember that their parents are the ones to blame of their situation. Its my humble opinion that they should try to do things the right way and be nice with the people who are trying to help them out. Acting like that in front of Nancy Pelocy was not necessary.

  • Joshua J.
    09/20/2017 11:53

    If I was Trump I would send all of them to war all 11 million of them to North Korea and keep the military here to protect us. You want your papers you proclaim to love this country so much. Then show me heres a gun go earn it. Chances are you won't have to issue all 11 million green cards as half of them won't be back anyways.

  • John M.
    09/20/2017 10:25

    I really don't understand THIS. I would at least be happy someone is willing to fight for me.

  • Anthony W.
    09/20/2017 08:56

    It a act not law there's a difference anything that a act from the government is garbage they dont have to honor it because its not law

  • Tony L.
    09/20/2017 06:46

    We need these people to stay but get rid of the felons and gang memebers asap.

  • Matthew R.
    09/20/2017 06:16

    All 11 million and sum can stay

  • Alex G.
    09/20/2017 05:59

    Whoever organized these people needs to stop. They are sabotaging the whole fight for the dream act. We have no legal basis. We are here illegally. It's not like gay marriage where it can be argued in court. We are at the mercy of these representatives. We should be helping them and not making it more difficult. Please don't judge us based on the actions of these jackasses. They don't represent the majority of dreamers/immigrants.

  • Virginia O.
    09/20/2017 05:57

    SMH....can't help 11 million immigrants if you can't even help the 800,00 that are trying to be helped RIGHT NOW....the only thing this protest did is to put the Dreamers in jeopardy

  • Kevin R.
    09/20/2017 03:56

    Thank you guys you're fucking up our only salvation.

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