Nancy Pelosi, political enigma

She's despised by Republicans — and has even been known to irritate members of her own party. Love her or hate her — Nancy Pelosi has carved out a legacy as both trailblazer and liberal icon.

03/03/2019 8:01 PMupdated: 03/05/2019 1:26 PM
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  • Linda T.
    03/03/2019 20:06

    Madam Speaker..

  • Stan D.
    03/03/2019 20:13

    Trump 2020

  • Donald H.
    03/03/2019 20:16

    All I see is a liberal dipshit from California.

  • Paisley C.
    03/03/2019 20:19

    While I think it is incumbent on seasoned politicians like Speaker Pelosi to pass the septor on to younger people and mentor them while staying in the background, I have nothing against her other than that. By staying in positions of power into their old age, ALL politicians show they are more focused on their own greed and historical relevance than preparing future generations to govern. That part is truly sad to me. This country belongs to younger people and they should be setting its course with the advice of the oldsters. And yes, I'm an oldster saying this.

  • Jakov L.
    03/03/2019 20:32

    so stormy

  • Jeri S.
    03/03/2019 20:40

    Henry Waxman

  • Brian S.
    03/03/2019 21:01

    She's a senile ditz

  • Justin V.
    03/03/2019 21:08

    This women is not a liberal icon. She is nothing more then the face of corporate Democrats. Cant wait till shes gone.

  • Regina M.
    03/03/2019 21:23

    She has and continues to work hard for us - God bless her...

  • Bonnie A.
    03/03/2019 21:42

    They left a lot left out of her family background

  • Gertraud B.
    03/03/2019 21:51

    What a remarkable woman

  • Joe G.
    03/03/2019 21:55

    What religion compels you to murder babies

  • Robin J.
    03/03/2019 22:10

    Lgqbtrsv!!! Rights? No Christian believes in same sex anything! She kissed the POPE'S RING! THATS A BIGGER JOKE!

  • Dave F.
    03/03/2019 22:27

    She is a liberal lying piece of 💩💩💩

  • Stephanie H.
    03/03/2019 22:29

    She’s the best thing to happen for Democratic Party and for US!!! Thank you Speaker Pelosi!!!

  • Ralph L.
    03/03/2019 22:46

    She ranks right up there with Tinkerbell-Bozo - and Ronald McDonald

  • Nevin S.
    03/03/2019 22:55

    murderous abortionist

  • Paul R.
    03/03/2019 23:11

    Perfect example for term limits

  • Ron C.
    03/04/2019 00:11

    But now it to let someone else to take over she put her time in .

  • Retha D.
    03/04/2019 00:16

    She's in for a rude awakening when she has to explain to God her position in the name of 'fairness'.