• Sarah L.
    an hour

    It's A Fucking Costume

  • Beverly W.
    3 hours

    It's a costume not meant to hurt your feelings ,they just like the clothing you chose to wear get over it and be proud

  • Jim L.
    3 hours

    She needs to get over herself!

  • Laurence N.
    12 hours

    I find alot of similarities with Jews of Europe and American Indians Hitler got his ideas of killing Jews through what America did to its Indians ...

  • Shannon S.
    13 hours

    I see people dress up like leprechaun 🍀 on st Patrick’s day, and I’m fine with that

  • Justin L.
    14 hours

    I was born and raised in America. I am a "white man" according to you racists. Dosen't that make me a "native American "?

  • Michael P.
    14 hours

    I Admire your Culture and I'm Polish I Love To Dance Around Fires And Sing To The Moon Sun Ocean I Love Feathers In My Hair I Believe That I'm A Bald Headed Eagle I Think Humans Dressed Up as Native American Indians is A Tribute to Your Race

  • Dianne M.
    17 hours

    That’s like telling your kids you cannot be moana for Halloween because your not of that culture or I can’t be princess jasmine if I’m not middle eastern . GTFO be who you want to be and enjoy it. If someone doesn’t like it , oh well

  • Becky V.
    18 hours

    I'm full native American it wouldn't bother me at all as long as they respect it

  • Betty O.
    18 hours

    It’s not to hurt or dis respect there beautiful costumes.

  • Houda B.
    21 hours

    الغربين عنصرين بالدم

  • Tone W.
    a day

    She sounds racist. Just let it go

  • Lee J.
    a day

    I respect everyone's opinions but I would think it's a honor to see ppl dressed up in my traditional Hmong clothing!

  • Նարինե Բ.
    a day


  • Lona A.
    2 days

    I feel a good many Halloween costumes could be considered offensive to someone.

  • Him D.
    2 days


  • Ann H.
    2 days

    On st.patricks day.....I’m Irish ☘️

  • Danny B.
    2 days

    I'm going dress as a politician next Halloween

  • Bianca T.
    2 days

    Its Halloween, I'm going to dress up how I want to dress up. 🤣🤣

  • Jade E.
    2 days

    Oh knock it off already