• Koli R.
    an hour

    You cannot change the past but we can change the future.

  • Ida B.
    3 hours


  • Ruby N.
    3 hours

    Anyone giving any flyingfkc?

  • Tiziana T.
    9 hours

    Well, it makes sense. Most people in my country celebrate "liberation day" but I only see it like the day thr Americans bombed us and invaded us .

  • Akamine J.
    9 hours

    As if native Americans didn’t kill each other for silly reasons. Grow up. You weren’t the first in the continent. Americans won’t be the last

  • Joy B.
    12 hours

    Thanksgiving is not about genocide stupida. Must be a demorat.

  • Andy R.
    13 hours

    Our lives are a single blip on the time-line of human history. Honor your ancestors by living a life of freedom that they were denied!

  • Michelle L.
    15 hours

    The "true" history is not being represented in this video. The pilgrims that landed in Plymouth Rock were not violent people at all. The slaughter of indigenous happened when others with malice intent came a few years later. The pilgrims would have perished if not for the kindness and generosity of the indigenous people. There's nothing wrong with celebrating good in the world.

  • Амандин Р.
    15 hours

    Only in American culture 😄 🤣 😂

  • Liz P.
    17 hours

    ahora me siento mal

  • Nevine K.
    17 hours

    Please don't feel isolated over not celebrating Thanksgiving..about 6 billions don't celebrate it too ...

  • Marie C.
    19 hours

    I won't be celebrating this Thanksgiving this year and in future...

  • Dámaso V.
    a day

    One of the worst "holidays" to celebrate.

  • Sukari S.
    a day

    DON'T blame you. We need different things to regard important. The Day of Massacres aint it.

  • Donnie W.
    a day

    Fine but stop shoving your crap on other people

  • Kevin S.
    a day

    I had to laugh a bit. Like every race has been screwed in the past. But people love living in THE PAST. Grow up an just eat some food.

  • Patrick F.
    2 days

    I am chiricahua Apache I do not celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas they are not my holidays

  • Stephan H.
    2 days

    You can't explain yourself better if you're dead. So, no genocide. You can't explain yourself further alive, because 'you're alive!'

  • Timothee S.
    2 days


  • Annakarima S.
    2 days

    May one day come ,that all this " celebrating " is gone And truth will be revealed What really happened ... May courage and strength be with you in any needed length 🙏😓🙏

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