Native Americans hold a National Day of Mourning every Thanksgiving

"My family doesn't celebrate genocide." For people of Indigenous descent, Thanksgiving isn't a feast. It's a National Day of Mourning

11/26/2020 1:28 PM


  • David Y.
    12/05/2020 14:42

    Your not cool unless your a victim...

  • Belinda H.
    12/04/2020 13:43

  • Nick M.
    12/04/2020 12:37

    You need a basic history lesson you racist. 50 years of peace after the first dinner. Wasn't even a holiday till Lincoln made it one to unite the nation. I swear the country is just cry baby ignorant kids that don't even know their own countries history half the time.

  • Gregg J.
    12/04/2020 11:27

    How stupid ! Try living in a TP for a while ! Don't buy your food in the white mans store , don't go to a white mans Doctor or hospital when you get sick !!!! These are the things God brought to us ! My glass is half full not half empty ! I like the things the white man has brought ! I like not going hungry ! I like a nice warm house in the winter and AC when it's 110° in the summer !

  • James G.
    12/04/2020 11:19

    Cry a river!

  • Daysha A.
    12/04/2020 06:42

    Just reading so many white peoples opinions not facts is so sad,how you guys think,always remember this is not your country your ancestors came here and did horrible things to the real Americans of this land,then made yous believe this is your property and you are entitled. It's sad to see the pure ignorance of your comments.

  • Daysha A.
    12/04/2020 06:34

    I'm Puerto Rican and I havnt celebrated Thanksgiving for 12 going to 13 years because I was woke and saw the True story of what really happened, my heart and love goes to the real Americans...the NATIVE AMERICANS ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Aaron C.
    12/04/2020 02:54

    Apparently she has never read George Washington’s speech about Thanksgiving! Poor poor libratard!

  • Shawn H.
    12/04/2020 01:41

    More Turkey for me

  • Ronald G.
    12/04/2020 00:01

    Girl you have issues. Lol

  • Danny L.
    12/03/2020 22:19

    Is she antireligious also, just asking because there’s no real old religion has a committed mass genocide on any continent

  • Danny L.
    12/03/2020 22:17

    Lol stupid

  • Joe'l H.
    12/03/2020 20:32

    I dont celebrate the holidays as much as i just happen to just join in to be part with the family i dont always see. Has nothing to do with genocide to me directly. To me its a day i normally have off and i can go see family then have time for myself. Its just snother day though.

  • Yadira G.
    12/03/2020 19:33

    So many angry white men on this post. All I see is “ME NO CARE. ME WANNA EAT.” 😅

  • Jason M.
    12/03/2020 17:17

    You look like you could afford to skip a few meals anyway.

  • Arthur R.
    12/03/2020 16:58

    She doesn’t speak for all indigenous people she only speaks for herself I’m my own person of a different tribe

  • Michael G.
    12/03/2020 13:35


  • Lisa Z.
    12/03/2020 13:29

    Wait..: she is from Ecuador!! Her ancestors came here and took land, just like the “white” (actually Spanish “POC”) did!

  • Dilek M.
    12/03/2020 11:23

    She is right . First whites starved , Indians helped and shared their food with whites and thn bam! White killed the Indians out of greed. Instead of thanksgiving day , Americans should have a apology day . Sorry ! You gave us food and in return we killed almost all of you

  • Vince G.
    12/03/2020 10:30

    Spoken like a true snowflake, liberal baby killer