Native Suicide-Prevention Counselor Nurtures Hope

Help and hope — this Native suicide-prevention counselor is offering both to a community with one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

01/10/2019 12:02 AM


  • Valerie B.
    07/30/2021 20:15

    Hello from France. You can be proud of your culture and of your long hair. You're amazing!

  • Marshall T.
    07/28/2021 23:25

    Bully are just cowards,keep spreading the msg.

  • Arvilla T.
    07/28/2021 23:03

    God bless you young man keep sharing your life experiences 🙏

  • Vel J.
    12/13/2019 22:40

    It is hard for a young native with long hair going to school in the city. My son was bullied for his long hair. We both cried and shed our tears. 3 yrs later he still gets bullied but not as much. with my love and support, he is stronger. Keep up the good work and educate. 😊👍

  • America E.
    12/10/2019 23:15

    To give or get help call or text: Lifeline at 1-800 273-TALK. Text “START” to 741741.

  • America E.
    12/10/2019 23:14

    To give or get help call or text: Lifeline at 1-800 273-TALK. Txt “START” to 741741.

  • Nenita N.
    11/14/2019 23:30

    is that you at the end? This is such a beautiful video! I’m very proud of you and you guys are such a great example! ♥️ I love you girls!

  • Alison S.
    11/12/2019 00:29

    Barbara Starr look at this hunk

  • Val R.
    11/10/2019 00:41

    much love ♡

  • Carolyn L.
    11/10/2019 00:08

    Thank thank you go far my son bring as many as you can teach your gift

  • HarVee K.
    11/09/2019 18:24

    Me as parent I would love to have you present yourself at Many Farms High School AZ. I really think they need that at their school.

  • Jackjack
    10/26/2019 15:10

    Real man

  • Felice G.
    10/26/2019 13:02


  • Jamie B.
    10/25/2019 17:12

    So awesome..good words...

  • Patty P.
    10/25/2019 02:45

    I'm so proud of you keep up the good work you are doing. Because I was there in my life a few different times

  • Marianne M.
    10/24/2019 22:37

    Can not share

  • Nananisuki X.
    10/24/2019 16:49

    Many blessings on your journey brother

  • Lyndell L.
    10/24/2019 01:05

    Should of keep my hair long mind was closed tohip for real

  • Shelly S.
    10/22/2019 16:19

    God bless u sweety. My husband took his life. I wished he had the info! Thank u😘

  • Bambi B.
    10/18/2019 08:10

    U r very strong and I’m so proud of you , many blessings for u .. may god watch over u !!!!