Navajo Code Talker Praises Diversity

The Navajo Code Talkers developed an unbreakable code used in WWII. Now, one of the few surviving Code Talkers delivers a powerful message on diversity in America.

03/09/2019 11:21 AM


  • Justin K.
    02/19/2020 04:06

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  • Kelsey S.
    02/19/2020 03:29

    Thank you Chei Peter MacDonald.

  • Serafi M.
    02/18/2020 09:09

    Most probably the majority of people don't know anything about it

  • Margaret M.
    02/18/2020 07:22


  • Margaret M.
    02/18/2020 07:22

    Honor and Respect 🙏💯🙌 wished he could have been our president of this country commander and chief i'd voted for him

  • Milton L.
    02/18/2020 04:20

    The code talkers were awsome.

  • Robert S.
    02/18/2020 01:46

    Yep, white america will use you and then send you to the back of the bus.

  • Louise Y.
    02/17/2020 23:05

    So true

  • Wendy H.
    02/17/2020 21:33

    A system employing the Welsh language was used by British forces during World War II, but not to any great extent. In 1942, the Royal Air Force developed a plan to use Welsh for secret communications during World War II, but the plan was never implemented. Welsh was used more recently in the Yugoslav Wars for non-vital messages.

  • Marlene R.
    02/17/2020 17:53

    Wonderful story some people probably don't know about it

  • Sylvia S.
    02/17/2020 16:31

    What, another one of the things that we never hear about in history class!

  • Nelson F.
    02/17/2020 14:05

    Thank you for your service ❤️

  • Sandee G.
    02/17/2020 13:32


  • رياض ا.
    02/17/2020 00:20

    nice language

  • Shellie S.
    02/16/2020 22:57

    Thank you

  • Lakettia B.
    02/16/2020 22:49

    A very good history lesson they deserve a museum.

  • Faye L.
    02/16/2020 22:19

    Thank you so much for your bravery and your service...

  • Diane C.
    02/16/2020 22:10


  • Norma A.
    02/16/2020 21:37

    I love this message.!!God Bless him.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Carlton R.
    02/16/2020 21:23

    And the policy and people that the Republican party supports has no respect for the culture of any native American people.