• Ollie G.
    07/21/2018 17:37

    If the guy ejactulates prematurly can a woman sue?

  • Michelle M.
    07/04/2018 02:12

    Welp. Wish I could opt out of living on this planet

  • Mary V.
    03/13/2018 14:32


  • Katara B.
    02/16/2018 09:27

    Simple. No mean no, stop means stop. End of discussion

  • Abdul A.
    01/20/2018 22:19


  • Jaime P.
    01/05/2018 15:43

    EDDIE you are a complete ASS

  • Eduardo G.
    01/05/2018 03:18

    I agree with North Carolina.. Once a woman accept the pipe, than she must receive the load..

  • Angela P.
    01/02/2018 17:26

    I’m so sick of all of you

  • Krystal R.
    12/31/2017 09:23

    That's crazy

  • Kim J.
    12/29/2017 15:14

    I wish a mf would he won't do it again cause he won't have a dick to do it with sob

  • Jane M.
    12/26/2017 12:34

    Surely any violence is assault? She consented to sex, not to abuse

  • Busalacchi A.
    12/26/2017 06:02

    “ you don’t get the right to say no if dec turns violent” I KNOW THIS MOTHER FUCKER DID NOT SAY THAT!? Oh my fucking fucking god! Rape his ass,mouth,ears, and dick hole with a cactus& a baseball bat covered in nails covered in IcyHot! Then his twisted, sick ass mind will change! POS MF! Let someone rape his daughter like this and it will change!

  • Larry C.
    12/17/2017 23:35

    This is insane 🤯

  • Mona H.
    10/26/2017 10:00

    What a great country.NOT

  • Bugzy R.
    10/26/2017 00:57

    Should a woman be held responsible for who she chooses to have sex with. No one wants to be responsible for their actions now days. Her boyfriend should go to jail for sexual assault not rape.

  • Synninide B.
    10/24/2017 19:43

    I get that it turned violent then yeah, no means no. But I bet that law was made to and for protection against false rape accusations, like fucking a guy then regretting it later and crying rape. Doesn't stop he should have stopped, and that was wrong, but the law doesn't need to change. How events are handled does cause this opens the door to a lot of bad things.

  • Jesse P.
    10/24/2017 01:02

    I always wonder who exactly this is supposed to logically help? So the guy gets to reach climax? Cause this is all its ever sounded like. Somehow rape isn't violent in itself or something. What about Consensual sex that turns into a violence and that want to not be raped leads to murder. Will the guy not be charged for murder cause he's still inside her? I mean c'mon!

  • Christina R.
    10/22/2017 08:20

    brings tears to my eyes. So fucked up

  • Juli C.
    10/22/2017 02:27

    This guy is a complete moron asswhip.

  • Catherine R.
    10/21/2017 15:31

    I am not okay with it sweetie, you deserve justice, respect, compassion and acknowledgement that you are important and you do matter.