Negzzia: from Iranian model to refugee in Paris

She was reported to the police by the man who tried to rape her. Since then, Iranian model Negzzia fled her country and found herself homeless in France. She told Brut her story…

12/21/2020 4:58 PM


  • Ginxi J.
    10 hours

    I would have given her a home if she was here. I'm sorry you had to go through this but think about this. If you hadn't gone through this. You wouldn't have a voice for others who are in same shoes. And to allow others to understand your pain. I too have been homeless but I found my way up when I moved. Only difference is I was born in USA. I'm glad you survived and give refugees voices!! Stay strong!!

  • Nishi S.
    10 hours

    You are very breve girl. May God bless you

  • Brenda H.
    10 hours


  • Prem K.
    11 hours

    Talk about Due Process huh? Perhaps President Trump was right. Perhaps America should do something about that horrible country. Give them a taste of freedom LOCKED AND LOADED 🇺🇸

  • Kristel K.
    13 hours

    She doesn't deserve this she's a queen she deserves much better

  • HappyLee S.
    16 hours

    Actor hired by Brut? Great!

  • Chris V.
    18 hours

    How sad

  • Ana C.
    21 hours

    Special place in hell for abusers AND their enablers.

  • Rita Y.
    21 hours

    surviver 💙

  • Victoria T.
    a day

    Refugees are not here to: TAKE YOUR MONEY TAKE YOUR PLACES TAKE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES They are here because they have no choice. You have so much privilege if you don't SEE this. Be thankful for that privilege.

  • Odette A.
    a day


  • Michael L.
    a day

    I spent 10 days in calais Jungle in 2016 and meet an irianin who paddled into this country. He spoke of religious persecution and it all seems true that's why people want to come here to not face persecution.

  • Kimberley R.
    a day


  • Rhonda L.
    a day

    We humans must stop treating our fellow humans poorly. We are all on this planet together. We all have our hardships and we all have our happy moments. It truly does not take much energy to be kind to your fellow human

  • Fernanda A.
    a day

    Thank you very much for sharing your story, so inspiring! I'm very sorry to hear what you had to go through.

  • Daniel T.
    a day

    That play is called the naked man. Works 2 out of 3 times 100 guaranteed. 🤣

  • Likki P.
    a day

    Keep on pushing on girl! Lesson to all: wow, be kind.

  • Dixie L.
    2 days

    Don’t listen to this gal talking it’s it has its pros and con. But the reason I sent this to you, I think your hair would be absolutely stunning in this hair cut. Very beautiful. Frames the face perfect length of bang and the beautiful curls and waves. This is you.

  • La N.
    2 days


  • Jenny K.
    2 days

    I've realized women, children and animals on this planet can be treated like that at any time. So 😢 sad.

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