New footage: Pipe bomb suspect on the loose in Washington D.C

Newly released footage shows a suspect planting pipe bombs on the eve of the Capitol riots... The FBI is offering a reward of up to $100,000 to anyone who has information.

03/10/2021 9:29 PMupdated: 03/10/2021 9:31 PM


  • Pranjal G.
    03/12/2021 10:24

    american democracy.....buhahahaha

  • Sugar S.
    03/12/2021 04:31

    The FBI knows that it's a female planting those bombs, and they probable know who it is, but need more people to give tips. Somebody might as well get that reward before the FBI swoop her up. $100,000 is a lot of money

  • Deborah W.
    03/12/2021 01:42

    other than the shoes it could be a woman

  • Tilias O.
    03/11/2021 19:52

    So there’s no night security protecting these buildings? This is bs.. it’s a woman and most likely she’s in congress or the senate.. republican or democrat

  • Marilyn O.
    03/11/2021 15:26

    More drama to come because the first part of the staged drama is failed. Now they move on to part 2 to make it more believable.

  • Ray B.
    03/11/2021 14:45

    Deplorable, unwashed. Uneducated.

  • Chris B.
    03/11/2021 13:08

    Walks like a girl.

  • Ray A.
    03/11/2021 11:27

    False flag

  • Glen P.
    03/11/2021 08:03

    I don't know about anybody else but that walks like a girl to me.

  • Alberta C.
    03/11/2021 04:20


  • Ram V.
    03/11/2021 03:07

    thats not a guy, its a girl, man you should get em as soon as possible, its a girl , look at the way she walks.. and its has a boobs

  • Dave W.
    03/11/2021 01:19

    The body posture tells me it's a female ..leads w/ her left & way too much movement on the hips..

  • Sarah B.
    03/11/2021 00:40

    My first thought was “that is a woman”!

  • Dan A.
    03/11/2021 00:17

    FBI plant them, the government...

  • Jaswant S.
    03/11/2021 00:07

    0601 2021 and 20 01 2021 are imprtant date of usa and they saved democracy. On other hand 26 01 2021 is bad day for india. Parade was diverted to national stadium to let the things happen at lal kila and then Tool kit girl Disha was brought in an d expolsive van was stationed at jio house and owener murdered also. Bale bale democracy.

  • Alex C.
    03/10/2021 23:26

    The way that terrorist walks reminds me of the woman harassing the kid in this video:

  • David W.
    03/10/2021 22:37

    really believe this is a female...cathy

  • Cole B.
    03/10/2021 21:52

    I bet this is his truck...

  • Les G.
    03/10/2021 21:50

    More likely FBI themselves

  • North T.
    03/10/2021 21:44

    Person kinda walks feminine to me , just saying .. could be a woman 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

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