Nixon's resignation speech

"As president, I must put the interest of America first." On this day in 1974, Richard Nixon gave his resignation speech.

08/08/2017 6:10 PM
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  • Michelle P.
    08/08/2017 18:38

    Lmao!! Motive behind this post?? If you already don't know what happened Nixon, you either a fool or uneducated

  • Bryan C.
    08/08/2017 18:38

    Those who don't know their history are bound to relive it

  • Thomas H.
    08/08/2017 19:08

    ...sneaking out before the treason charges....

  • Jason J.
    08/08/2017 19:23

    A speech I can't wait to hear from Donald Grump.

  • Anita L.
    08/08/2017 19:40


  • Alex V.
    08/08/2017 19:47

    I think the irony is that he made a televised statement calling for the Silent Majority to support him and the Vietnam war and a lot of people end up beating up anti war protesters because of it and let say that his presidency and the Vietnam war did not end up that well. Now a lot of Trump supporters are using the same term..

  • Treyon B.
    08/08/2017 19:50

    Come on trump you can do it !!!! We need this speech !

  • Stephen L.
    08/08/2017 20:24

    This is the day I was born!

  • Jose Y.
    08/08/2017 20:37

    Mr. Chump, if you're listening take a cue from another Dick (wink). Put the interests of America first, not your own personal interests. It's never too late. I assure you people will understand. Repeat and replace

  • Jeramy S.
    08/08/2017 20:40

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that North Korea doesn't like us, and we've been blind for the last 20 years. Now they have flying nukes and y'all wanna talk about removing our prez good on you ppl. Have a great communist day u enablers

  • Carlos R.
    08/08/2017 20:53

    I'll buy the first drink if this happens soon!!!!

  • Bingbong G.
    08/08/2017 21:14

    Both Hitler and Nixon did nothing wrong

  • Robert S.
    08/08/2017 21:40

    Hey.... Melania Trump has copied someone elses speech and tried to pass it off as her own! Let us pray that her husband does the right thing by our great country and also decides to make this speech his own!! P.S- Then it wil be 1 down and 2 more (pence & ryan) to go!!!!!!

  • David M.
    08/08/2017 22:23

    Trump would never bring himself to go through the humiliation of resigning, so we may have the historical privilege of seeing him led out of the White House in handcuffs or in a straightjacket.

  • Cole W.
    08/08/2017 22:37

    Drumpf doesn't have the guts

  • Tavo A.
    08/08/2017 22:55

    Take notes little dick,

  • Ian H.
    08/08/2017 22:57

    Hint, hint

  • John R.
    08/08/2017 23:00

    TRUMP needs to RESIGN !!

  • Jess Y.
    08/08/2017 23:12

    Trumps speech is next! Impeach trump NOW

  • Dane-Ami F.
    08/08/2017 23:19

    The Deep State got JFK and Nixon now they're coming for Trump.