No controversies with Homeland security

President Trump just congratulated John Kelly for leading Homeland Security with “very little controversy.” So here’s a TOTALLY controversy-free recap of the last 6 months.

07/31/2017 8:00 PM


  • Michael O.
    08/01/2017 21:52

    I'll never understand how he uses so many words to say so little

  • Beverly W.
    08/01/2017 20:43

    These are not conservatives.........these are liberals who don't want any laws passed for security of our country. They instead want our borders open to anyone and everyone regardless of who they are......what they may or may not done and that can be good or bad either way......we just don't know because there are so many who come flooding our borders expecting to come in and have the same freedoms and rights that Americans have and worked for and voted on for years and years......this just doesn't all come to people over night just because they want it or feel they have a right to it. NO.....come here LEGALLY AND BECOME A US CITIZEN.

  • Lisa M.
    08/01/2017 19:51

    What a joke!

  • Jon S.
    08/01/2017 19:15


  • Carmen A.
    08/01/2017 18:18

    This man needs to be admitted in a psychiatric ward ASAP!

  • Julie M.
    08/01/2017 16:55

    He could try leading with no controversies.

  • Jesus V.
    08/01/2017 16:31

    The world will be much better when these old, racist people and their brainwashed minds finally die off. Fucking wastes of breathe

  • Sal T.
    08/01/2017 16:27

    Stupid mofo

  • Justin A.
    08/01/2017 15:35

    So where was the controversy? Illegal immigrants are scared to take their kids to school, good, become a citizen then. DHS and ICE doing their job, getting rid of people who want to suck up any hand out they can get their hands on? I don't see the controversy there. Man it must suck to be a whiny little pansy about everything.

  • Rich L.
    08/01/2017 15:17

    Ignore button....pushed....

  • Jonathan J.
    08/01/2017 15:15

    "Nuurrrr, Snowflakes, duuuurrr, go Trump!" I wonder if Nazis sounded this stupid back in the day.

  • CashBones J.
    08/01/2017 14:55

    ...what a dumbass

  • Nicole S.
    08/01/2017 14:30

    Instead of deporting them, they're actually being thrown in our federal prisons. They're literally eating your taxes now.

  • Clint O.
    08/01/2017 14:11

    He should make the wall out of recycled refrigerators, so he can have a wonderful actually the greatest piece of chocolate cake just waiting for him and Melania at the border.

  • John L.
    08/01/2017 07:21

    These were people trying to illegally cross? Is that still illegal? I think so punk bitch.

  • Go G.
    08/01/2017 06:00


  • Jesus C.
    08/01/2017 05:38

    Trump has mental issues. Sour ass looking clown.

  • Ibrahim S.
    08/01/2017 05:37


  • David D.
    08/01/2017 05:20


  • Jesse O.
    08/01/2017 05:19

    I seen 3 clips of trump where he was being sarcastic.. i know this bcuz ive seen the full speeches, most of you hate trump so youd never watch it. .. trust me, your being mislead..

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