• Josef S.
    10/11/2018 13:35

    Gender fluid people are just retarded

  • Joanna A.
    07/13/2018 00:48

    Nope... there are men and women, you are either one or the other. We all know that

  • Joe B.
    02/24/2018 03:44

    Excuse me while I throw up everywhere

  • Bekka L.
    02/23/2018 23:21

    My kid came up to me and said they were confused about their gender and would rather be called they it them I’d smack them across the head and throw an anatomy book at their head and have them watch videos like you are either male or female there is no in between you aren’t an alien

  • Hailey M.
    02/22/2018 03:34

    I miss when things were oh so simple.. Those were definitely the good ol days.

  • Katrina C.
    02/22/2018 02:55


  • Shamron N.
    02/21/2018 22:48

    this is fucking ridiculous.

  • Brittany H.
    02/21/2018 12:35

    I keep it simple if you have a dick I call you him/he if you have a vagina I call you her/she I follow the science method not the new pick your non existent gender method

  • Megan W.
    02/20/2018 23:04


  • Eliza T.
    02/20/2018 20:47

    this is what I’m talking about. If people straight up told us what they would prefer to called instead of being unnecessarily rude because we don’t know, another aspect of this world would be filled with less hate.

  • Jamilah M.
    02/20/2018 01:55


  • Jeanette M.
    02/19/2018 15:42

    Yes! These kids r so brave! So now i come out on facebook. Here goes... I AM A UNICORN! Just because people tell me they dont exist doesnt stop me from feeling i am a unicorn! So dont spook me or ill stab you with my horn! Please understamd i didnt chose this i just feel this way. Thanks 😂😂😂

  • Elicia C.
    02/16/2018 22:39

    Sorry. This is not right. "they and them" have a specific meaning. Pronouns are important to the human language, and I will not allow someone to dictate what I can and cannot say, especially if it is eroding language. We are all given an Individual Name. That is what society has agreed upon. If we say: Okay with Pronouns, what is next: Adjectives change? After all: Adjective Describes the Noun, the Noun describes the person.

  • Jeff G.
    02/16/2018 04:20

    Two sex

  • Jeff G.
    02/16/2018 04:20

    Wow we need things to go back to male and female

  • Caitlin R.
    02/16/2018 02:49

    It seems like the mainstream media is pushing for this to be a new norm. It makes me wonder what’s the end goal here? What will happen next? Why are they trying to make this seem okay? I will ultimately accept anyone for who they are and show them respect. At the same time though, I don’t think it’s normal. If it’s not a mental illness, why don’t I feel like this? And why do most people not have this urge to change their gender? Strange.

  • Adrianna C.
    02/15/2018 23:40

    This is such a joke 😂

  • Christopher P.
    02/14/2018 22:17

    If you’re born a male you’re he and female is she simple

  • Jae R.
    02/13/2018 20:31

    Mental illness. That's all it is.

  • Jesus V.
    02/13/2018 04:48

    I go by G, OG, and Triple OG.