Non-binary at school

School can be tough for gender-fluid kids, but they got this! 💪

01/02/2018 11:17 PM
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  • Christopher J.
    01/02/2018 23:19

    Well duh, any person who decides they are "gender fluid" whatever that is? Is gonna be a magnet for bullying.

  • Daniel C.
    01/02/2018 23:22

    Dont endorse a mental health issue. If left alone and not encouraged 98% of boys grow out of it and 88% of girls. We dont encourage other body realisation issues like anorexia or bulimia,why would we promote this mental illness?

  • Frank R.
    01/02/2018 23:25

    Gender fluid,really you fascist liberal racist 🤡💩

  • Allen P.
    01/02/2018 23:25

    Do we dig this shit up? More problems....

  • Wayne C.
    01/02/2018 23:26

    correction..your male or female, everything else is just lipstick on a pig

  • Christopher C.
    01/02/2018 23:28

    Whatever happened to people who said they weren't into labels they were much cooler

  • Rachel B.
    01/02/2018 23:36

    please, someone:Define: "gender fluid". Thank you.

  • Sarah E.
    01/02/2018 23:37

    why are you glorifying mental illness?

  • Gustavo G.
    01/02/2018 23:42

    Thats not fair i wanted to be an unicorn in highschool 😞

  • Phoebe L.
    01/02/2018 23:50

    Stop this ridiculous gender crap and you won't get beat up.

  • Fred B.
    01/02/2018 23:53

    If you have a dick, you're a boy. A vagina, a girl. It's really that simple. Putting on other gender clothes doesnt make you anything more than that.... How pathetic are these kids when they dont wanna be judged, but yet take great lengths to dress themselves the way they want..... Its just clothes, its just makeup. How does it feel to be defined by fashion? Ignorant, that's how it feels. Fucking sad.

  • Dragomir C.
    01/02/2018 23:54

    Well, why not "fluid nation"? I decide what nationality I like to be and then everybody needs to accommodate me, no restrictions or borders. How about that!

  • Karen A.
    01/02/2018 23:59

    Why are all these comments so mean?

  • Alvaro A.
    01/02/2018 23:59

    You think thats bad try being the only latino in an all white school lol

  • Tery C.
    01/03/2018 00:01

    I really don't know what this world is coming to, I think people are losing their minds!!!

  • Jay D.
    01/03/2018 00:01

    This is what Mental health issues look like

  • Caroline S.
    01/03/2018 00:07

    Well, if that's what makes them happy, then let them. Never force your kids to be who YOU think they should be. Let them be. Period.

  • Jennifer S.
    01/03/2018 00:08

    This is the most ridiculous - I am actually worried for my kids growing up in this messed up society.

  • Gabriel F.
    01/03/2018 00:11

    you’ll see this when you get back...but these kids barely have pubes. This is ridiculous.

  • Gunnar G.
    01/03/2018 00:19

    I identify as a 65 year old man. Do I get to collect my SS benefits and insurance?