Nurse arrested

"You're assaulting me!" This nurse refused to take blood from an unconscious patient - respecting the law - and ended up being handcuffed by the police officer.

09/01/2017 5:33 PM


  • Jeanette O.
    09/03/2017 18:59

    I don't understand, why not one supervisor switched places with the nurse being arrested. Like in my mind I'm thinking a male supervisor should step in and day no I'm telling you no or how bout several ppl banning together and all of them say no. So he would have to get back up. Really tho. Why just the nurse you all should of stood up for her like she was for the patient. Ugh greedy selfish ppl..

  • Marybeth S.
    09/03/2017 11:26

    This is what makes u not trust police officers they don't follow the rules and think they are above the law

  • Charlie S.
    09/03/2017 08:18

    that woman is my hero and the face of our nation

  • Jason H.
    09/02/2017 22:58

    "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty" - Thomas Jefferson

  • Re R.
    09/02/2017 22:43

    Why does there need to an investigation he clearly broke the law...damn

  • Tony S.
    09/02/2017 20:31

    Cop was a brute.

  • Peter P.
    09/02/2017 20:15

    & there it begins, welcome to the police state & soon you will be force to salute your president & not go out after dark.....!

  • David H.
    09/02/2017 19:46

    i hate this so much

  • Bill S.
    09/02/2017 19:20

    ...these cops need to realize they are not the Law, they are law enforcement officers (employees)....

  • Alim V.
    09/02/2017 18:59


  • Kate D.
    09/02/2017 17:52

    Who was the man in white shirt that was with her?

  • Bernadette N.
    09/02/2017 15:38

    Officer needs sensitivity training, needs to have a refresher course in the law and individual rights and a psychological evaluation until then he needs a desk job!

  • Bill G.
    09/02/2017 15:14

    Shouldve punched him in the face

  • Jeanne S.
    09/02/2017 14:41

    She better sue the police and the city. Violence against nurses is getting worse

  • Frank N.
    09/02/2017 13:46

  • Chris W.
    09/02/2017 13:09

    Just think this is in a hospital. Imagine how he acts on the streets!!

  • Issa L.
    09/02/2017 12:43

    To see all this white love on here really warms my heart... 1) white lives matter 2) then white blue lives 3) then blue lives in general 4) then the paper bag test will sort out the rest 5) Native Americans dead last....

  • Ivan V.
    09/02/2017 12:37

    All pigs

  • Jason S.
    09/02/2017 12:09

    Don't even know the whole story everyone says typical America every time they see a cop involved and don't even know what happened they just believe some twit running their mouth on what they thought happened or what they were told happened...could be police are wrong but majority of the time the facts aren't being waited for before passing judgement

  • Marilyn G.
    09/02/2017 11:56

    that's what happens right or wrong they all stick together. And they will lie for him too

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