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In May, the Alabama State Senate voted to outlaw nearly all abortions — including for victims of rape and incest. YouTuber Anita Sarkeesian, aka Feminist Frequency breaks down what’s happening on the frontlines of the war against reproductive rights.

Alabama has a distinct history of violence when it comes to anti-abortion activism

In May 2019, the Alabama State Senate voted to effectively outlaw nearly all abortions — including for victims of rape and incest. The ban sparked a wave of activism. Women are fighting back, especially rape survivors. This is what is happening in Montgomery – in front of one of the three remaining clinics that perform abortions in Alabama. 90% of Alabamians are religious based on a Gallup poll. 58% of Alabamians believe that abortion should be illegal in all or most cases according to a Pew Research Center report.

“Even before Alabama passed one of the nation’s most restrictive bans, abortion rights had been under attack for years across the state. Leaving the clinic, we met this single mother who had just received abortion care. She asked to keep her anonymity. She told us she has two children to take care of while also juggles two jobs. For her, abortion is a choice — one not to bring a child into the world that she can’t adequately support,” PTC Youtuber Anita Sarkeesian reports. “My choice is my choice, regardless if you like it or if you don’t like it. You can scream and yell at me all you want to, and you can tell me I’m going to die burning in hell, that I should want to take care of this child like I did my others. I do, that’s why I am opting to do this because I cannot do for that child. You’re pro-life, you’re anti-abortion, but what about this baby once it’s here? You’re not going to be here to take care of this child. Yes, you say you can help me, how are you going to help me? Are you going to be there every step of the way? Are you gonna pay for my hospital bills? Are you going to pay for this child’s upbringing? No, you don’t just want me to go into this clinic, and they suck this baby out, because after the baby is born you don’t give two s**** about what happens to that child,” anonymous single-mother tells Brut.

Since 1993, anti-choice extremists in the U.S. have murdered at least 11 people. Alabama has a distinct history of violence when it comes to anti-abortion activism — doctors who performed abortions have also been killed. Alabama has a bad history with violence towards abortion providers. The Alabama’s legislature is 15.7% women overall — the sixth lowest state in the country as reported by the NCSL. The abortion ban was passed by a group of 25 Republicans — all white men. The abortion ban was voted in thanks to the powerful advocacy organization Alabama Pro-Life Coalition.


10/26/2019 10:19 AM


  • Marie G.
    12/28/2020 19:33

    If you don’t want a baby dont have sex!!!! Give the baby up for adoption!!! Yes I understand things happen but there is other ways to deal with it than to kill an innocent baby!!! It swims to the eggs 🥚 right so it’s alive!!! It grows from day one so it’s alive!!! It has a heartbeat again it grows from day one so yeah it’s a living thing!!!!

  • Janice R.
    05/03/2020 20:12

    Scrolled through most of these comments of criticism of my opinion, but I didn't find anyone answering my question, what gives the government the right to remove a woman's choice about her own body. My issue is not for or against abortion, I'd like to know why the government has decided it has the right to remove the choice from a woman. Oh, well. This was mentioned, months ago.

  • Jolah N.
    02/02/2020 12:27


  • James G.
    11/25/2019 13:51

    The problem is it should be caped at 10 weeks should not be aborting at 28 weeks if you have to take months to decide on it then do you really want to get rid of the child?

  • Rob E.
    11/24/2019 09:46

    Awesome. Some are finally addressing the undercover mass murder problem we have here in the states... Cheers.

  • Kimberly O.
    11/03/2019 23:46

    Possibly even killed? Hummm is their a double standard here? Umm your killing babies!

  • Javier F.
    10/31/2019 22:39

    She's a fraud

  • Josh S.
    10/31/2019 16:59

    Killing is not a right!

  • Mark R.
    10/31/2019 15:42


  • Luke L.
    10/31/2019 01:00

    Reproductive rights does not include killing people. Doesn’t matter if you’re raped. That’s still a human you’re killing.

  • Marie B.
    10/30/2019 19:44

    "War on Reproductive rights"? No, this is an attempt to end the violations against human rights.

  • MD A.
    10/30/2019 10:18


  • Kimberly O.
    10/29/2019 19:08

    That's why we now have the day after pill. No need to wait for the baby to form into a human first, stop it before it's noticed.

  • Karen M.
    10/29/2019 14:30

    Adoption makes a family complete! Abortion is the death of a child!

  • Emily C.
    10/29/2019 14:16

    Men aren’t mad that babies are aborted, they’re mad because women are the sole deciders and men want to be the only ones with the privilege of deciding what babies live and die. They want to take it further, too, and decide which women live and die too.

  • Emily C.
    10/29/2019 09:46

    If men don’t want their babies aborted, they should keep their legs closed.

  • Enix Y.
    10/29/2019 00:13

    Reproductive rights? They want to kill babies. How is that reproductive?

  • Millie T.
    10/28/2019 21:26


  • Matt-Kimberly C.
    10/28/2019 16:18

    Yeah it's always rape, but what about the 95,% that just have unprotected sex with multiple partners and children produce?

  • Kathleen O.
    10/28/2019 15:04

    I guess evangelicals feel that they are the only religion in the world.

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