One Summit, One Target for Trump

The French president... the Japanese PM... literally everyone… When President Trump attends a summit, you can count on him to zero in on a specific target.

Stirring up each Summit attended

G7 Biarritz, France

Just before leaving for the G-7 summit in Biarritz, France, Trump again threatened new taxes on French wine in response to a French measure taxing internet companies.

G20 Osaka, Japan

Trump criticized Japan on Fox Business ahead of the summit. The President then criticized NATO broadly, before singling out Japan for the terms of its military alliance with the U.S.

NATO summit Brussels, Belgium

Trump accused NATO ally Germany of being "a captive of Russia," calling members of the alliance "delinquent" in their defense spending and insisting they increase it "immediately." The President's remarks sent officials scrambling for answers, triggered ripples of dismay among defense officials and alarmed members of Trump's own party enough that one worried aloud the President is trying to "tear down" the 29-member alliance. The Republican-controlled House passed a resolution to send a "strong message of support" for NATO.

G7 Quebec, Canada

Trump infuriated Canada and European Union members of the G7 by imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum and pulling out of a deal to monitor Iran’s nuclear activities. Trudeau played down the talk of divisions at the summit, in the Quebec town of La Malbaie. A spokesman for Trudeau said the prime minister’s position had not changed despite the tariffs.

NATO Summit London, UK

President Donald Trump denounced comments by French President Emmanuel Macron that NATO was experiencing “brain death.” The American leader said he could see France “breaking off” from the Western military alliance. Macron made the comment in an interview published earlier in The Economist magazine in advance of the summit marking the 70th anniversary celebrations of NATO. He was warning that members of the alliance could no longer rely on the U.S.


12/05/2019 5:57 PM
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  • Stephen D.
    03/07/2020 19:37

    Drumpfy the clown!

  • Farhan H.
    01/01/2020 02:37

    trump and other people never understood each other because trump is rich man ,he might be never been broke or has any financial problem he wants to undermine any one or any country.

  • Fernando T.
    12/31/2019 23:38

    I'm still waiting to hear his plans to replace Obama care...fight climate for the wall...on n on ...hes offered nothing just blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  • Macoy L.
    12/31/2019 23:32

    An image speaks for itself. The world leaders are fed up with him. No brain, no heart, no guts.

  • Andy W.
    12/31/2019 23:22

    What kind of drugs is that idiot on?

  • Harry P.
    12/31/2019 23:08

    This fool! Will be paying $20 for a bottle of water keep letting him talk and American owes trillions 2russia stop it already.

  • Don M.
    12/31/2019 21:01

    Trump is the worst president of the world, he has no honor

  • Austin F.
    12/31/2019 19:40

    He’s a child.

  • Macoy L.
    12/31/2019 19:23

    DT and his big mouth has created a very significant damage to our nation. His Tariff Wars were a failure.

  • Robert A.
    12/31/2019 18:00

    Alguien tiene que acerlo.y quien mas que nuestro presidente. y si no les gusta que le reclamen y si no que lo apechugen

  • Michael T.
    12/31/2019 14:55

    He's a joke! (Trump)

  • Alex M.
    12/31/2019 12:47

    Go trump 2020

  • Hipolito R.
    12/31/2019 04:53

    How a country like the US under a tremendous national debt can afford to give money to others countries with a stronger economies. And others not so strong...the US has children to keep all over the world. How can that happen...where the money come from?

  • Buck H.
    12/31/2019 01:22

    I’ve about decided that there isn’t anything that will convince Trump supporters that he’s an idiot. Maybe Democrats should just not vote for a president in the 2020 election. We should just shut up about Trump. Let him have his way. It shouldn’t take long before the Republicans will be wanting to impeach him. By then we might all be standing in a soup line waiting on a meal.

  • Sandy K.
    12/31/2019 01:16

    He comes back with 0 accomplishments!

  • Rob S.
    12/31/2019 00:51

    Such a big fat stupid!

  • Brian G.
    12/31/2019 00:13


  • Brian G.
    12/31/2019 00:13

    Going after our Allies and His Supporters are Ok with that ? Told ya he's a Russian asset

  • Joey C.
    12/31/2019 00:08

    I love that he is standing up for America the greatest country in the world.

  • Dale T.
    12/31/2019 00:00

    Great man