Outbreak of Violence in Chicago

70 people shot and at least 12 dead — that was this weekend in Chicago, a violent outbreak which left city officials scrambling for answers.

08/06/2018 11:01 PM


  • Timothy L.
    08/27/2018 03:07

    There is just so much wrong with the city that a change of one single policy or law will not be enough

  • Зафар Р.
    08/24/2018 18:17

    It is necessary to cancel the open length of the weapon

  • شرف م.
    08/22/2018 23:17

    في ٦٠داهيه يا انجاس

  • Aracelis R.
    08/20/2018 13:15

    El cuento de nunka acabar

  • Zriouel M.
    08/19/2018 20:02

    C'est pas de la violence c'est du terrorisme.

  • Edward G.
    08/18/2018 05:25

    That can never happen anywhere on China main land. Never.

  • Andrew L.
    08/15/2018 16:06

    kinder guardians

  • Barron G.
    08/15/2018 03:39

    Thugs killing thugs ... because of yo yo cultures

  • Rodel L.
    08/14/2018 17:59

    Not enough jobs, morals, too much politicians, gangs, immorals.... killing wont stop until families control their kids and discipline them with good morals and faith in God. God save Chicago peace!

  • Francis M.
    08/14/2018 04:20

    Blame on your poor leadership!

  • Ali G.
    08/12/2018 05:30

    Al Capone s city

  • Sadaat M.
    08/11/2018 17:26

    Man made problem

  • أيمن ا.
    08/11/2018 13:12

    لن يتوقف القتل او تتوقف ااجريمه في بلادكم إلا بالقصاص

  • Roger C.
    08/08/2018 22:07

    if they wanna keep killing each other thats fine that shows their stupidity but i thought Black Lives Matter but only when white people are involved black on black crime is justified it's ok double standard

  • Ronald M.
    08/07/2018 14:18

    I'm guessing there were not enough good guys with guns.

  • John B.
    08/07/2018 12:09

    If people won't talk to the police to help catch murderers then they will have to deal with the consequences - they are trying to rely on "street justice" to solve their disputes and a lot of innocent people, including kids, are getting killed.

  • Daniel A.
    08/07/2018 10:45

    They have laws against guns so it couldn't have happened it's all a big lie

  • Daniel A.
    08/07/2018 10:44

    Fake news

  • Nerijus K.
    08/07/2018 07:07

    Trump is really making America great again 😂. How many mass shootings there's been since he's a president?

  • Jim Y.
    08/07/2018 06:33

    Sell more guns that would help

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