Paris Hilton recalls abuse in youth care facilities

“I was strangled, slapped across the face, watched in the shower by male staff...” At 16, Paris Hilton was sent to a facility for “troubled teens.” Here’s why she is fighting to change the laws surrounding the care of teenagers in the U.S...

10/20/2021 10:31 PM


  • David W.
    11/01/2021 10:22

    La l a land

  • David W.
    11/01/2021 10:21


  • David W.
    11/01/2021 10:20

    La la rue my .song. la ls l

  • David W.
    11/01/2021 10:19


  • David W.
    10/26/2021 01:54

    Black cat

  • Joan S.
    10/24/2021 13:39

    Aww poor little rich girl. Whats wrong? No one cares about you any more?

  • Afzal M.
    10/22/2021 16:32

    She looking for attention

  • Tari B.
    10/22/2021 06:39

    She couldn’t sleep at night for 20 years…for sure..she was partying all the time. 😃😃

  • Carmen A.
    10/21/2021 23:17

    Love her ! It took a lot of courage to speak about her experience have a new found respect for her.

  • Erin M.
    10/21/2021 22:01

    Even rich kids can be abused in these facilities and are more than likely targeted by not only peers, but also staff. Those who have never worked in or resided in congregate care that feel compelled to write derogatory remarks lack a soul. It’s not about this one person. It’s about those before, those now and those to come.

  • Demetrius T.
    10/21/2021 15:11

    I never knew she got sent off... Wow! ♥️

  • Robert S.
    10/21/2021 14:47

    Finally found a new nitch🤔🤣🥴😲

  • Israel A.
    10/21/2021 13:45

    Atascosita. In Houston , texas. Boots camp c.o. Vera c.o. haward. And so much more to a point that they close it down.

  • Ngatia S.
    10/21/2021 12:52


  • Suleman D.
    10/21/2021 12:09

    Only Islamic education can bring reforms!

  • Doyce C.
    10/21/2021 11:57


  • Mijo P.
    10/21/2021 11:28

    ono sto si mi pricala

  • Lionek L.
    10/21/2021 10:52

    God bless her 🙏

  • Nageeb H.
    10/21/2021 08:06

    Oh yes,shes really had it tough

  • Cairistiòna M.
    10/21/2021 06:19

    Support children

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