Parkland Dad Sounds Off on Gun Violence

He disrupted a congressional hearing on gun control — now, this Parkland dad tells Brut America why he's disrupting the gun apparatus he says is responsible for the violence that took his son's life.

02/14/2019 12:21 PMupdated: 06/24/2019 2:04 PM
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  • Joe C.
    02/14/2019 12:25

    Why do I see anyone associated with trump to be wearing a Nazi uniform under their regular clothes.????

  • Christopher J.
    02/14/2019 12:27

    You need guns for gun control

  • Helena S.
    02/14/2019 12:31

    You have my support from Australia.

  • Phuong N.
    02/14/2019 12:37

    Floridians elected republicans, good luck getting any form of safety laws going. Look at the Rep's face, it has the "taking dirty bribe" written all over it.

  • Jim B.
    02/14/2019 12:37

    I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery

  • Korey C.
    02/14/2019 12:46

    No... no you won't "stop it" because it's our right to bear arms. I'm sorry for your loss. But maybe look at the neglect of your government agencies that dropped the ball.

  • Ivana S.
    02/14/2019 12:51

    These photos made me so sad. You have my support! ❤️

  • Brut
    02/14/2019 12:54

    Learn more about Manuel, Patricia, and Joaquin's work here:

  • Helena S.
    02/14/2019 12:59

    We did it here, so hopefully it will happen their as well.

  • Jason J.
    02/14/2019 13:00

    Only the police should have guns

  • Nita B.
    02/14/2019 13:21

    My sister lost her life at 11 because of a drunk driver. Should we get rid of cars/alcohol too? The REAL reason guns are the issue is to get rid of americans protection just like hitler did in germany.

  • Joseph J.
    02/14/2019 13:25

    America where the right to be stupid is number one. Im with parkland.

  • Martin T.
    02/14/2019 13:27

    Gaetz is a goon,

  • David F.
    02/14/2019 13:38

    You will never take away our rights

  • Albert L.
    02/14/2019 13:53

    Show some bloody pictures of the violence scenes?

  • Joseph C.
    02/14/2019 14:41

    I have a serious question for all the people that we can’t further regulate guns. Why is it I can’t buy an automatic rifle? Here’s a hint. It has to do with a gun ban.

  • Antony M.
    02/14/2019 14:41

    Yep more and more gun control that is only going to effect law abiding citizens!!! CRIMINALS dont follow the law!!!! Come on people!!! They will get their guns just like they get their drugs!!!

  • KC W.
    02/14/2019 15:30

    As much as I hate guns and won't touch one with a ten foot pol, this is not about gun control. This is about harassment allowed and ignored in schools. If a woman was enduring enduring the same thing by her boyfriend/husband it would be called 'domestic violence'.

  • Derek E.
    02/14/2019 15:30

    Those willing to give up freedom for safety, deserve neither. New laws will prevent exactly zero crimes.

  • Alan R.
    02/14/2019 15:31

    We don't need more laws. We need better enforcement of existing laws.