Paul Ryan slams GOP on Trump presidency

"If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of one personality or of second-rate imitations, then we're not going anywhere." This was Paul Ryan's reality check for the GOP...

05/28/2021 6:03 PM


  • Twig W.
    06/01/2021 15:28

    Dead end rd.with d.t., we wised up! He s thru!! Tha k god.

  • John M.
    05/30/2021 13:49

    Well said

  • Lars K.
    05/29/2021 22:03

    LOL amerika war nation 👎

  • John S.
    05/29/2021 21:58

    He is still a useless turd floating in the GOP cesspool.

  • Raju B.
    05/29/2021 11:30

    It’s getting juicy now, waiting on the big push back!!

  • Leandro C.
    05/29/2021 04:26


  • John S.
    05/29/2021 03:28

    He’s just another Swamp Rat RINO

  • Bill H.
    05/29/2021 02:11

    This man is a TRAITOR to his party, and his country.

  • Mel O.
    05/29/2021 01:26

    trump and his followers will destroy this country.

  • Liz K.
    05/28/2021 23:43

    Paul Ryan is walking garbage

  • Wyatt H.
    05/28/2021 22:59


  • Coleman S.
    05/28/2021 20:49

    The truth is the truth

  • Mary W.
    05/28/2021 20:07

    Here’s a reality check for Paul Ryan, no one cares about you, or what you say. Just go away! You’re a loser RINO!

  • Bill M.
    05/28/2021 19:04

    Paul Ryan such a Moron he couldn't mount a credible debate against the intelligence challenged Biden in the Vice Presidential debates.

  • Maxine B.
    05/28/2021 18:57

    Yes needing a president who unites others

  • Derek E.
    05/28/2021 18:22

    The disgrace was in the voting system. The lack of transparent, open investigations into serious statistic impossiblities. The implementation of a puppet dictator president...

  • Beth O.
    05/28/2021 18:22

    Ryan kept feeding the monster until it ate him.

  • Ali A.
    05/28/2021 18:10

    Says the Tea Party lunatic who helped create this monster in the first place but yeah at least this Mr Bean speaks politely

  • Vaniel B.
    05/28/2021 18:08

    It’s getting juicy now, waiting on the big push back!!