• Curtis A.
    11/27/2021 23:40

    As we witness Dementia from Don ?

  • Don S.
    11/23/2021 00:02

    Does the lunatic fringe care? 🤣😅😆

  • Wilbert J.
    10/30/2021 10:44

    people really think this guy trump is a leader the olny thing trump has going for him are the 75 ymillion race hateing maga hats and hate groups that's the center of trumps power over them fox news makes money on them GOP members use them for votes our country has no chance of keeping our Democracy if the men and women of the gop also trump run this nation

  • Mitch A.
    10/23/2021 19:59

    We thought the Bushes were dumb. Well they are but this guy takes the cake. Or should I say apple pie

  • Alistair M.
    10/15/2021 00:25

    Just goes to show what a liar he is

  • Dave C.
    09/26/2021 04:39

    Is he for real

  • Tony L.
    09/25/2021 13:58

    If his lips are moving……he’s lying.

  • Barbara K.
    09/23/2021 22:37

    Gee, he's lying again. What else is new???

  • Nick A.
    09/21/2021 11:20

    Always the two faced lier cant trust him .

  • Steven M.
    09/19/2021 02:57

    He doesn't know much of anything except where to grab women

  • Randy T.
    09/13/2021 21:40

    What a idiot !!!

  • Anthony L.
    09/13/2021 21:20

    This man...just can't help it! He is a liar from day one. He just lies....even when it's not necessary. 🤣🤣

  • Steve L.
    09/13/2021 10:42

    His eyes narrow when he’s telling lies…

  • Aida V.
    09/05/2021 08:45

    I think Putin should be pissed at these denials !!!!!

  • Iro E.
    08/30/2021 00:52

    Donald Jenius Trump🙃🙃🙃

  • Iro E.
    08/30/2021 00:51

    Hes never met anyone after he met 'em this Con artist

  • Bob E.
    08/29/2021 04:00

    One of the first signs of dementia.

  • Carole H.
    08/26/2021 20:30

    Does he know if barron is his son

  • Denise E.
    08/25/2021 23:06

    Liar fake and fraud

  • Carol K.
    08/25/2021 12:59

    Trump never stops lying. Everything’s says us a lie

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