Pete Buttigieg's speech as first openly LGBTQ+ Cabinet nominee

"The eyes of history are on this appointment." This was Pete Buttigieg's acceptance speech for his historic nomination to Joe Biden's Cabinet.

12/16/2020 9:29 PM


  • Cecilia R.
    12/21/2020 07:52

    best wishes

  • Sharon R.
    12/20/2020 20:57

    He speaks so eloquently and keeps his cool

  • Judith M.
    12/20/2020 13:45

    How I hoped he had won the party’s nomination.

  • Justin N.
    12/20/2020 13:00

    Nobody cares

  • Alex V.
    12/20/2020 10:00

    [email protected]!

  • Cory W.
    12/20/2020 04:50

    activate photo comments cowards

  • Gail K.
    12/20/2020 01:03

    get over yourself gayness has been around a thousand years nothing new here

  • Joe M.
    12/17/2020 16:53

    What a joke. He has no experience.

  • Sandy J.
    12/17/2020 15:43


  • Nadereh S.
    12/17/2020 14:16


  • Robbie J.
    12/17/2020 13:12

    Pothole Pete transportation secretary? Has anyone driven through Indiana lately? The worst roads in USA. Right next to Illinois.

  • Jean W.
    12/17/2020 12:39


  • B.w. H.
    12/17/2020 10:31


  • DorothyAnn B.
    12/17/2020 10:30

    A freak

  • James J.
    12/17/2020 06:57

    Trump had a openly gay member on his cabinet and a openly gay member as a embassador before

  • Rocco R.
    12/17/2020 03:33

    Mayor Pete you can do it. Just don’t Sell out stay focused. And don’t get involved in any scandals. They are all gunning fir you to make a mistake but you can be the hero the difference the person that had a choice and accomplished great things for him his partner and his country

  • Syed A.
    12/17/2020 03:23

    he must take truck loads of lubricants with him washington it will help him in night

  • Andrea W.
    12/17/2020 02:18

    Gay that's about all we know. Not what he's about just that he's gay. That is a problem

  • Liz K.
    12/17/2020 01:24

    He did some great things in Indiana. Hope he does a good job in this role. Unlike any Trump least Pete is QUALIFIED

  • Ezema A.
    12/16/2020 22:07

    Is not whether you're gay are u qualify for the job

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