• Rick N.
    07/20/2017 08:52

    So why and the hell you guys didn't charge his mother fucking ass ???

  • Umaja S.
    07/09/2017 13:45

    Yes indeed Sister Valerie. ❤

  • Leon X.
    07/09/2017 12:53

    The European has historically shown that anywhile he has been in the world that he came to claim kill and destroy the original people of the land which happen to be Afrikan people across the world.. It's in their dna.

  • Yolandaray D.
    07/08/2017 18:37

    Justice for blacks especially our black men.

  • Oxford J.
    07/08/2017 16:40

    I fucking hate America!!!

  • Tuai K.
    07/08/2017 16:20

    They named a new training program after they killed him. What slap in face. Smh

  • Keana M.
    07/08/2017 15:50

    Why do I feel like this is kind of insulting..😒 Like they just spit in everyone's face

  • Fatima Z.
    07/08/2017 15:46

    Points for the Mayor

  • Rachelle N.
    07/08/2017 15:36

    Wensdaille Nelson I am terrified! The one emotion that remains consistent is anger and fear. This is too much. They call understanding that black people should not be targeted "diversity training"? I guess that 3 million dollar settlement helped Ms. Valerie change her tune. When they run out of blacks to kill they will go after the others. They target Latinos for their immigration status. It's only a matter of time before they wipe us all out. Mass genocide under the guise of fearing for one's life. New Black panther party is telling people to kill the "crackers". And they are viewed as radical or extreme. An eye for eye is okay only under their conditions.

  • Keith B.
    07/08/2017 15:25

    The cops Are Devils

  • Shanon S.
    07/08/2017 15:21

    Brenden O'Sullivan Yanez sole purpose for stopping Philando Castile in his own words was He fit the description of 1 of 2 robbery suspects, Yanez said Philando had a wide nose and braids/dreads, that's it. Yanez account also changed 3 times of what he saw. First he said Philando hand stop over something, then he said he saw the butt of the gun, then he said he saw the gun and the barrel just kept coming. He lied repeatedly to justify him shooting Castile. http://www.citypages.com/news/interviews-contradict-jeronimo-yanez-trial-testimony-he-saw-philando-castiles-gun/429733013

  • Mori S.
    07/08/2017 15:19


  • Shanon S.
    07/08/2017 15:16

    Brenden O'Sullivan Yanez sole purpose for stopping Philando Castile in his own words was He fit the description of 1 of 2 robbery suspects, Yanez said Philando had a wide nose and braids/dreads, that's it. Yanez account also changed 3 times of what he saw. The first time on the recorded BCA interview after the shooting he said“[Castile] was sitting in the car, seat belted. I told him, can I see your license. And then, he told me he had a firearm. I told him not to reach for it and (sigh) when he went down to grab, I told him not to reach for it (clears throat) and then he kept it right there, and I told him to take his hands off of it, and then he (sigh) he had his, his grip a lot wider than a wallet.” The second account Yanez said, In that BCA examination, Yanez said he had first asked Castile for identification. Castile informed Yanez he had a firearm, while reaching down between his right leg and the center console. Yanez said he ordered Castile not to reach for “it,” referring to the gun. He said Castile continued to move. In his third Interview yanez siad, It appeared to me that [Castile] had no regard to what I was saying. And, he put his hand around something. And his hand made like a C-type shape and it appeared to me that he was wrapping something around his fingers and almost like if I were to put my hand around my gun. It was dark inside the vehicle. I was trying to fumble my way through under stress to look and see what it was to make sure what I was seeing,” later in the same interview Yanez said, “I know he had an object and it was dark. And he was pulling it out with his right hand. And as he was pulling it out, a million things started going through my head. And I thought I was gonna die. … He just had something in his hands.” Yanez used various terms to suggest the presence of a firearm, saying at one point that "it seemed like he was pulling out a gun and the barrel just kept coming." He added: "It was to me it just looked big and apparent that he's gonna shoot you, he's gonna kill you." Still later, Yanez was asked again about "the object" he thought he saw Castile holding. Could he describe how big it was? "It was, to me it loooked like [Castile's hand] was wrapped around the butt of a gun." Nearly a year later, when he took the stand during his trial, Yanez was more certain. He testified that he was “able to see the firearm in Mr. Castile’s hand,” forcing him to shoot. “I had no other choice," Yanez told the jury. "I didn’t want to shoot Mr. Castile. Those were not my intentions.” The gun which Yanez claimed to see was later pulled from Castile's pocket, just as paramedics prepared to load him into an ambulance.

  • Berrie B.
    07/08/2017 15:10

    They trying to get sued...

  • Provita J.
    07/08/2017 14:38

    Sad. Naming a program after him. Damn that convict his killer(better outcome) The civil suit is going to be a motherfucker. That's when the guilt is going to show!

  • Oz M.
    07/08/2017 14:31

    The public needs to shoot back - simple‼️

  • Latoya F.
    07/08/2017 14:20


  • Estaban S.
    07/08/2017 14:19

    In his honor? TF how about convicting this cop on murder honor him that way. This here is a disgrace.

  • Chris M.
    07/08/2017 14:02

    But no jail time,some bullshit

  • Kelly S.
    07/08/2017 13:26

    Why black people worried u motherfuckers soft kill our kind but afriad of these crackers botch ass niggas where are the warriors.