• Roger M.
    06/21/2017 20:19


  • Suzanne E.
    06/21/2017 20:31

    She is in jail or prison for attacking someone with a hammer! She also didn`t check on her daughter! Just kept taping. Poor daughter! She also said she was engaged to this guy and she was not. Not a good witness.

  • Anthony T.
    06/21/2017 21:11

    Pussy ass cop

  • Adriano D.
    06/21/2017 21:14

    He should've been still. Follow the polices orders and you will be ok.

  • Madeline L.
    06/21/2017 21:16

    So the claim that he should have been still is reason enough to fire 7 shots into a man? No.

  • Jasmine R.
    06/21/2017 21:18

    The officer asked for his I.D., do you really think he should've been still? THE OFFICER WANTED HIS I.D. YOU MORONS!

  • D O.
    06/21/2017 21:21

    Wait, so y'all are really remedial. He should have been still. Really!? If I'm not mistaken another unarmed man was murdered for not moving and more than likely y'all was the same ASSHOLES that said, he should've done what the Officer said.

  • Jrama J.
    06/21/2017 21:23

    Damned if u do and damned if u don't... He didn't have to let the officer know that he had an fire arm...but he was being honest so he could reframe from any problems and he still gets shot...if he hadn't let the officer know and was surprised by it...he still would have got shot...either way he lost... He tried to do the right thing and still gets shot...not once but 7 fuckin times...its just plain murder point blank

  • Jennifer C.
    06/21/2017 21:29

    There was a freaking child in the car and this "officer" opened fire on a man completely complying with being asking for his ID and when he informed the "officer" he had a weapon he was murdered. We all just saw this man who was compliant, murdered in front of a child.

  • Danna J.
    06/21/2017 21:35

    These people are just mad because they age like milk.

  • Anthony P.
    06/21/2017 21:37

    Nope, cause your clips cut out the part where the identification was given before he was asked not to pull the gun out...

  • Thee B.
    06/21/2017 21:42

    Coward shouldnt have been a police officer if you that damn scared

  • Damon R.
    06/21/2017 21:45

    Wow, I would say unbelievable but this is what African Americans have to deal with... Cowards in uniforms...that was blatant murder and the jury has just as much blood on their hands as that piece of shit ass officer

  • Mario C.
    06/21/2017 21:47

    Holy shit that officer straight up murdered that man, no if and or butt about 😲

  • Jesus C.
    06/21/2017 21:48

    Did he said that his license and registration was in his pocket after he said he does have a gun? I've never heard a person will keep his car registration in their pocket. Usually they have their registration in the car. Either way this is horrible.

  • Nigel C.
    06/21/2017 21:51

    This fake propaganda, y'all are idiots to fall for these fake deaths and these false flag attacks. The government wants a race war 😂😂😂 they're after our guns and our "freedom"

  • Tahir D.
    06/21/2017 21:52

    Yes. Put him under the jail.

  • Tyler M.
    06/21/2017 21:53

    For those of us who saw the whole ordeal LIVE we know this man was compliant the officer practically said so himself

  • Richard M.
    06/21/2017 21:53

    Please explain why the officer is free on all charges ?

  • Akiem J.
    06/21/2017 21:54

    where my police killers at