Photographer Takes Striking Portraits of The Homeless

Most photos of people experiencing homelessness are unflattering, but this photographer wants you to see them in a new light with his stylized portraits. 📸

Making Glamorous Portraits of NYC's Homeless

Empowering photographer Steve Fiehl is capturing New York's homeless in a different light. “I don't want anyone to feel anything. You have your own feelings and I will respect any kind of reactions to this. What I just hope is that people will look at people on the street because they used to meet homeless people on the street in a different way, that maybe they would try maybe to talk with them. They're not obliged to give them money but just saying hello, just considering them as human beings, I mean that would be a huge achievement for me.” Fiehl states in the interview.

His photo series, titled Resilient Souls, is a combination of documentary-style photography and striking, glamorous portraits. “There are a lot of photographs about homeless people in the street, but the thing is we see them in the street ⁠— dirty, with a lot of hair, old man, and sometimes lost, drugs, in a condition that makes us very distant from them because we see a homeless person. We don't see a human being. So, what I decided to do is going in those shelters and, especially in the programs of this leading NGO for homeless people here in New York called The Bowery Mission, is to go beyond this label and to discover who those people were. And, when you see them shaved with a shirt like you and me in fact, then suddenly the distance is not that far and you start talking with them and discover that they may be much wiser than you think they are and much wiser than you and me.” Fiehl concludes.

Before taking any photos, Fiehl immersed himself in the day-to-day life of The Bowery Mission — a downtown shelter that provides meals, beds, clothing, medical care to hundreds of those experiencing homelessness every year.


06/22/2019 10:22 AMupdated: 06/24/2019 5:47 PM


  • Gigi G.
    06/30/2019 23:31

    They are beautiful people. God Bless them all. Thank you to the photographer. They're all awesome!

  • Judith T.
    06/30/2019 13:19

    Many years ago my first professional job right out of college was as a social worker in the inner city of Detroit. It wasn't very long before I realized that my clients were no different than me. The time I was raised in , circumstances, and often just plain luck was really just what put us on the opposite side of the table. Throughout those years I came to realize how much strength , will, and street smarts it took to survive , and for some to overcome, a life of grinding poverty with little real tools provided by their government.

  • Karen B.
    06/25/2019 17:50

    So wonderful how you remind us that they are just as good as anyone else. Their unfortunate circumstances of their homelessness does not define who they are. GOD bless you sir for opening up a lot of people's eyes.

  • Scotty S.
    06/25/2019 16:44

    Many of those are closer to the kingdom of heaven than any rich man will ever be.

  • Brut
    06/25/2019 15:08

    Special thanks to . Find out more here:

  • Mirjam L.
    06/24/2019 13:57

    Génial !!! Bravo !! 😍😍😍❤️

  • Brut
    06/24/2019 13:41

    The homeless are welcomed in this Utah restaurant. For those who don't like it — the owner is fine with you going somewhere else. 🍽️ h

  • Deborah M.
    06/24/2019 02:46

    You should know about Bob Sadler’s work in California. He too has captured their humanity and has been educating people about homelessness for a long time. He is part of the Unitarian community and has exhibited in Monterey and a number of other California galleries.

  • Sherry C.
    06/24/2019 00:19

    So wonderful. We all could end up homeless if certain circumstances came about. We are all human beings and we all deserve compassion and kindness.

  • Nicolas M.
    06/23/2019 09:08

    Quel pitch 😱😱

  • Chrystel G.
    06/23/2019 01:07

    Amazing! Une super idee, un processus et un resultat magnifiques

  • Dreama F.
    06/22/2019 21:21

    God Bless you for your work and help...💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Dreama F.
    06/22/2019 21:18


  • Andres P.
    06/22/2019 19:36


  • Elsa R.
    06/22/2019 15:32

    Congrats for this amazing job with ! We’re so proud of you!!!

  • Atik R.
    06/22/2019 10:24

    I appreciate it. Tnx

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