Police Shoot At Unarmed Couple Near Yale

Two officers opened fire at an unarmed black couple near Yale University — and #BlackLivesMatter protesters are calling for the cops to be held accountable.

04/26/2019 10:00 PMupdated: 06/12/2019 2:20 PM
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  • Mario M.
    11/29/2019 23:34

    have you heard about this?

  • Keith E.
    11/15/2019 18:34


  • Sammy S.
    09/21/2019 10:20

    It won’t stop till punishment starts

  • Charles L.
    08/07/2019 12:10

    Should of stayed in their vehicle and listened to the cops command. Dude got out of car and even looked like he had something in his hand.

  • Virginia L.
    05/01/2019 02:33

    This must stop!

  • Anderson T.
    04/27/2019 23:22

    Hope he was fired

  • Johnny B.
    04/27/2019 21:21

    Disgusting pigs!!

  • Sharon L.
    04/27/2019 15:40


  • Joshua R.
    04/27/2019 01:16

    Umm somehow I have a feeling neighborhoods aren't burning after this shooting because of the color of these officers skin. JS

  • Rory Y.
    04/27/2019 00:04

    Give these cops a raise

  • Gloria D.
    04/26/2019 23:31

    They allow law enforcement to get away with too much without a doubt people become cops to murder

  • Gloria D.
    04/26/2019 23:30

    Forget fire face charges with attempted murder

  • Haywood A.
    04/26/2019 22:52

    Thank you for all you do to stop this nonsense and thank you to the protesters for standing up aswell as together

  • Core B.
    04/26/2019 22:24

    ......if those Race Soldiers were white, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, nothing would be done, no protest and the police chief, the mayor and every white person in New Haven would be defending'll can hate but you know I am telling the truth..... and Black Race Soldiers....the only Blue Wall for you is the one you will be facing, in the shower, with a line of rodney's and ray Ray's, behind you waiting they're turn......go home you fakers, preacher pimps, ,frauds and phonies with that BS, we want justice, nonsense, you want a black man, even dressed in blue to face justice ....besides you will never run of white folks looking to watch a lynching.....wake the F#@K up

  • Andrew L.
    04/26/2019 22:22

    Fire back in general.

  • Jay A.
    04/26/2019 22:08

    Need be fired police chief not corporation in business.

  • Brut
    04/26/2019 22:00

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