• Manohar D.
    10/29/2018 06:46

    Mexican dinner while deporting Mexicans is a good one.

  • Ghania B.
    10/23/2018 08:03


  • انور ع.
    10/22/2018 20:20


  • Ken P.
    10/22/2018 10:51

    Just when I was getting comfortable being the snowflake conservatives say I am, now I’m supposedly an angry mobster. So which is it? I don’t want to disappoint those who stereotype me and my fellow liberals by not behaving like they say I behave - you know, those who have never met me, spoken with me, or taken a moment to listen to my views. If I ever see Susan Collins in public I’ll let her have it, if that helps.

  • Hodi E.
    10/22/2018 10:25

    Usa = civil war soon.

  • Jasmine A.
    10/22/2018 04:18

    I agree with this because they are supposed to be working for the people. And once they lost sight of it and put themselves on a pedestal it became our job to show them who elected them to their position and show that it is no longer acceptable to ignore us and use us.

  • Candace B.
    10/22/2018 02:23

    I will call them out if I see one of them in public.

  • Jim M.
    10/22/2018 00:58

    Our nation’s history is rich with examples of peaceful protest. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that change did not come from building consensus but from creating conflict. Peaceful conflict is what these politicians need to experience before they will either change or leave office.

  • Frank M.
    10/22/2018 00:29

    He was not shamed...he has no shame...

  • Derek E.
    10/21/2018 22:13

    you mean harassment that isn't prosecuted is on the rise.

  • Mariea D.
    10/21/2018 21:27

    Unfortunately it seems like women don't matter he just went through the motions and did what he was going to do in the first place trying to make look like he was actually considering changing his mind how about that

  • Christopher O.
    10/21/2018 21:09

    unfortunately, they dont listen to/represent their constituents and this is the realest way to get through to them.

  • Christopher J.
    10/21/2018 21:05

    However when someone does it to someone you like, you just insult them, call them racist and soew more Democrat propaganda

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