Pres. Candidate Wants to Give Every American $12k a Year

This presidential candidate wants to give all Americans $1,000 a month. 👀 He's Andrew Yang — and he thinks he has the policies to beat Bernie, Beto, and Kamala.

03/21/2019 12:01 PM


  • Janice H.
    04/07/2019 14:50

  • Jeff F.
    03/30/2019 16:17

    Holy crap I think I’m gonna run for office I will give every American 2000 a month , why not ITS NOT MY MONEY

  • Sonia B.
    03/30/2019 16:10

    Where is that money coming from. ?? Your bank account I hope

  • Donna B.
    03/30/2019 02:27

    Just another form of socialism through promises of free money. They will promise anything to get more votes. What all these people don’t realize is that once the Democrats get their votes they will be done with them and then they will take it all back. They will ship the illegals back when they’re done with them too. All they want are their votes and they will lie, collude, organize riots and so much more just to get them.

  • Mark M.
    03/28/2019 23:36

    Buying votes with,borrowed money, socialism

  • Rosita T.
    03/26/2019 15:12

    I'm beginning to think that.....paradise Hawaii here I come! Fiesta...1k/month...nice.

  • Brittany J.
    03/26/2019 07:46

    would this even be possible? đŸ€šđŸ€”

  • Rose S.
    03/25/2019 02:02

    Well that's one way to get votes LOL

  • Tony C.
    03/25/2019 00:30

    How? More importantly erase the Trillions of accumulated deficits over the years first. Promise cannot be realistically delivered. No economic sense at all.

  • Noah L.
    03/24/2019 21:23

    Dems bait and switch

  • Ron R.
    03/24/2019 19:57

    His platform is don't get circumcised.

  • Cally S.
    03/24/2019 16:07


  • Wanda B.
    03/23/2019 21:48 way.

  • Todd W.
    03/23/2019 18:25

    Where is it coming from. Extreme military funding is where a big percentage of it would come from.

  • Michelle F.
    03/23/2019 15:54

    Is it coming out of his pocket? You can start with me if it is. Otherwise your just another idiot who thinks money grows on trees.

  • OJ D.
    03/22/2019 10:34

    DeLand Denny. Share this

  • Xandra C.
    03/22/2019 03:15

    Not interested. Get these irritating adverts out of here. Give me . Give me . Give me someone unsponsored by vague, duplicitious, corporate interests.

  • Jay D.
    03/21/2019 23:59

    $1000 a month. My rental properties median monthly rent $900 Prices just went up $150 dollarsđŸ€”đŸ€”đŸ˜

  • Reid L.
    03/21/2019 21:36

    If you did not earn it you don't deserve it

  • Mary K.
    03/21/2019 21:17