President Biden calls for unity in inaugural address

As Joe Biden addressed the nation for the first time as president he had one plea: unity.

01/20/2021 9:28 PM


  • Lawrence L.
    01/27/2021 19:47

    For what partnership can righteousness have with wickedness? Or what fellowship does light have with darkness? 15 What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever?.....

  • Solange S.
    01/26/2021 13:27

    Esse Mike sim UOL comando é euro top top química química

  • Billy T.
    01/24/2021 23:34

    Time will tell if we are going back to hell again. After 8 years with obama not looking to good. Pipeline and layoffs. Idiot

  • Loretta K.
    01/23/2021 05:06

    Blah blah have low power pee pads. And I bet your pads are full cuz you know Trump is coming for you soon

  • Yahaya M.
    01/23/2021 01:50

    I love you so much

  • Yahaya M.
    01/23/2021 01:48

    I love you so much new president

  • Khaled B.
    01/22/2021 22:29

    Well said Mr. Biden

  • Toni M.
    01/22/2021 18:12

    he is my president until he expires. he wants unity in welcoming the caravans without any dissent.

  • Ronnie F.
    01/22/2021 17:36

    It's a pitiful sigh to see a man who has NO right to be in any office of the USA. The American people say NO! And the Constitution also says NO. We do not have a President!.

  • Michael R.
    01/22/2021 13:26

    Unity? Jobs? Ya right Joe. Cancelling Keystone put thousands out of work.. and was very clear Unity WASN'T on your agenda day one.

  • Lawrence L.
    01/22/2021 07:59

    First Stop your DEPOPULATION agenda...

  • Gil F.
    01/22/2021 03:22

    As he divides ge pleads for unity hypocrite

  • Deb L.
    01/22/2021 03:22


  • Brian S.
    01/22/2021 02:32

    He looks like Walter Jeff Dunhams dummy

  • Mike C.
    01/22/2021 00:07

    I'm Biden Obama? Dang it! Who put a question mark on the teleprompter?

  • David B.
    01/21/2021 23:25

    That all you got? Really?

  • Lee H.
    01/21/2021 19:43

    # N.M.P.

  • Maha K.
    01/21/2021 19:35

    America Do anything you wish within yourselfs to keep your unity. Leave the world alone... You have hurt the planet so much so long... Once white supremacy dies.. The world shall live.

  • Joseph P.
    01/21/2021 18:30

    Meritable words. But until they become action they are just that: words. We do need unity. The two party system does nothing to bridge division or unify. It instead breeds the division and dissolution. But most of y'all idiots are too busy clinging to your hate and bitterness for imaginary parties to break the cycle and make any tangible progress or change.

  • Tonie S.
    01/21/2021 16:46

    Uganda is bleeding please

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