President Obama on White House press secretary

In case someone is looking for a new White House press secretary, we dusted off this video to help write the job advertisement.

07/21/2017 7:04 PM
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  • Nevin S.
    07/21/2017 21:40

    the media fawned over Obama- even amute could have been a successful obama lacky press sec with the corrupt adoring media he faced

  • Leon S.
    07/21/2017 22:30

    Went from elegance, poise and integrity to bevis and butt head. Although, they have there place bevis and butt head shouldn't run the once most powerful nation...

  • Richard B.
    07/23/2017 23:45

    I miss you Obama, and press secretary Josh Earnest. Can you come back? Please? Even if just for a day. It would be amazing.

  • Calvin P.
    07/23/2017 23:50


  • Kara T.
    07/24/2017 00:00

    , isn't this your friend?

  • Michael M.
    07/24/2017 00:13

    Obama speaks with such poise and intelligence that it truly makes Trump seem like a total fucking moron when he speaks. The stark contrast between the two is so obvious.

  • Brian B.
    07/24/2017 01:26

    Plus he didn't hide from the media in the bushes.

  • Valencia M.
    07/24/2017 01:28

    God, complete and cognitive words sown together to form sentences. I forgot what that sounded like

  • Britt S.
    07/24/2017 01:28

    Such class from both men!

  • Nic S.
    07/24/2017 01:32

    who fuckin cares, Brut? stick to selling aftershave to senior citizens.

  • Janice W.
    07/24/2017 01:46

    Such kind words!