• Linda C.
    08/04/2017 17:31

    Feel free to take a permanent vacation. No need for you to return...

  • Hugo L.
    08/04/2017 17:48

    doesn't do much and takes these many vacations. Must be a nice job

  • Juan A.
    08/04/2017 17:49

    F *** liar.. trump is taking our money and ruining our country over..

  • Susy C.
    08/04/2017 17:52

    Póngale un pinchi muro a el o burro también así no se sale el verdolaga👣👣👣🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵🌵

  • Edwin R.
    08/04/2017 17:53


  • Chace J.
    08/04/2017 17:53


  • Beto C.
    08/04/2017 17:55

    Let me work overtime so i can pay for his vacation

  • Ronney I.
    08/04/2017 18:02

    The only balls Trump will ever have

  • Williams L.
    08/04/2017 18:10

    How can he criticize obama when he's twice as worst smh I can't imagine a country in 4 years with him like how who voted for him ?? Oh yea

  • Thomas H.
    08/04/2017 18:10

    Trump 2020! But seriously Trump wtf there's work to be done. Obama is a lot younger he doesn't need as much time off. But 17 days? That's too much. Get to work.

  • Kevin C.
    08/04/2017 18:11

    Hypocritical pos

  • Loonie L.
    08/04/2017 18:15

    Even republicans are starting to turn they back on him

  • Martin D.
    08/04/2017 18:17

    are you madoe not?

  • Salvador R.
    08/04/2017 18:18

    Donald Trump enjoy your vacation soon we will see you behind in a jail cell with Jeff Sessions as your inmate 😂😂😂😂

  • Chachi B.
    08/04/2017 18:22

    is this still your mans

  • Travis E.
    08/04/2017 18:23

    Yes let's compare vacations now too..something more to whine and complain about 😐

  • Marshall Y.
    08/04/2017 18:33

    Y'all do realize he owns the golf course right and the suites where he stays

  • Tommy B.
    08/04/2017 18:46

    Yeah but he doesn't have to pay green fees!

  • Elias E.
    08/04/2017 18:47

    You ignorant Inglourious bastards need to shut the F up and accept the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Stop hating on our president, face it he's our president and mark my words he will be president for the next 8 years, so suck on it you brood of snakes, glory to God, Obama never one day in his lifetime mentioned God whatsoever, you all entertain negativity because you know no other lifestyle, it's all the same garbage, Obama never made any positive changes to the world besides destroy it. When he was president all you've heard was chaos from Isis how come today we don't here so much about that, you brood of snakes wake up and accept these new changes for the better, it's time to drain the swamp. What's going on today is irrelevant and Prophesied in our own bibles, don't act like you don't know! He Only Left You Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. God bless America God bless the Trump administration amen.

  • Allan H.
    08/04/2017 18:52