President Trump, Sean Spicer versus the Press

Donald J. Trump and Press Secretary Sean Spicer have their own personal style when it comes to addressing the journalists at The White House.

03/31/2017 3:45 PM
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  • Munoz V.
    03/31/2017 19:04

    Orange is the new stupid

  • Javier M.
    03/31/2017 19:18

    I just read a comment about this fucking retarded woman..saying he has the heart of gold..Americans who voted for this clown are fucking retarded..

  • Tadeo G.
    03/31/2017 19:25

    What a POS. -_-

  • Brett T.
    03/31/2017 19:33

    Go Trump !!!!

  • Geri K.
    03/31/2017 19:46

    Who cares they deserve it if they reported the news properly they wouldn't have to be that way FAKE NEWS . It was apparent in Spicer's news conference today. Dates is all they were interested in , not the substance

  • Andy S.
    03/31/2017 20:59

    Who cares they deserve it. They all just have agendas

  • Marvin M.
    03/31/2017 21:32

    He is a real white trash or real red neck stuped mf

  • Zac D.
    03/31/2017 21:33

    Seeing as how CNN did an article on Russian salad dressing after this, good. Learn to be credible news sources. He asked her to stop shaking her head like a child. Now she (and you) is bitching about it.

  • Osbaldo G.
    03/31/2017 21:33

    FUCKKKKK trump

  • Greg B.
    03/31/2017 21:55

    Fuck the media.

  • Mario C.
    03/31/2017 22:08

    Damn professionalism. It's like he was born into money with a millionaire father and does what he wants talks to people how he wants just like the average American. 😐

  • Juan D.
    03/31/2017 23:53

    Trump is a disgrace to the American people...... worst approval rating of any new president in history and a Russian dog ass traitor

  • Brittany L.
    04/01/2017 00:29

    This guy is too dang immature. It's insane.

  • Francesco B.
    04/01/2017 01:09

    You call it "personal style" I call it, "lying to the American people."

  • Antonio A.
    04/01/2017 01:20

    Damn he's a special kind of stupid

  • Mary O.
    04/01/2017 01:34

    I want them to die I want the White House to blow up with God angry lighting with every evil person inside

  • Oscar G.
    04/01/2017 02:20

    Absolute buffoonery.

  • Jose V.
    04/01/2017 02:50

    Best defense is a good offense. Hes a tool

  • Josh Y.
    04/01/2017 03:47

    No respect for their constitutional rights.

  • Tim W.
    04/01/2017 05:48

    CNN and MSNBC make me sick to my stomach you can't even watch it for more than 10 seconds and it disgusts you all they say is Trump and the Russians Trump and the Russians it's disgusting why aren't they talking about the hundreds of thousands of jobs he's saved