• Todd K.
    06/28/2017 20:30

    Interesting (but typical) that we don't hear her response on this clip.

  • Rob M.
    06/28/2017 20:37

    Joe McCarthy came back from the dead and is dancing in the heads of our MSM. JFK, RFK and MLK are in shock. How did the US fall so low? The US deep state killed them. JFK worked so hard to stop a nuclear war. Now our lovely MSM is pushing for a nuclear war.

  • Daniel J.
    06/28/2017 20:45

    Getting mad because they don't get the answers they want. Keep it up press secretary.

  • Demetra B.
    06/28/2017 21:00

    That's right, stand up and fight✊🏾

  • Praveen R.
    06/28/2017 21:02

    Shitty Administration with crappy staff...what else can yiu expect?

  • Austin M.
    06/28/2017 21:03

    Tell him to report real news and he wouldn't have this problem 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Carla S.
    06/28/2017 21:20

    he is so right

  • Danny C.
    06/28/2017 21:53

    Trump is also trying to do his job with or without Russia

  • Jessie L.
    06/28/2017 21:55

    So what do you consider fake news? Is it something you don't agree with? Every news outlet always cite unnamed sources. Look we have a president and administration that lies consistently so is that giving fake information. So who can you believe? I say read multiple news outlets and make up your own mind.

  • Pam C.
    06/28/2017 21:59

    Well, it is FAKE News, Sarah called it as she sees it! Go Sarah!!

  • David C.
    06/28/2017 22:07

    This is just a piece of what happened. The fact is that President Trump was right to call it fake news and I think this reporter is just frustrated with being called out.

  • Steve W.
    06/28/2017 22:13

    True they are there to ask question , but when they don't get the answer they want thats when they spin it into fake news . Its been like that since the Reagan years .

  • Kyle H.
    06/28/2017 22:24

    Maybe the msm should stop thinking their "job" is to push propaganda onto the masses every day- report news rather than the endless speculation about what "might have happened" last year, etc... CNN is fake news, and its their own fault

  • Tiffani M.
    06/28/2017 22:43

    Sarah sanders can't even look in 1 direction. Literally. Everyone in the white house right now is a joke

  • Stephen S.
    06/28/2017 22:50

    So much of it clearly fake, intentionally misleading and biased propaganda, but it's cute to see them cry crocodile tears about being called out on their insanity.

  • Durrell M.
    06/28/2017 22:55


  • Adam S.
    06/28/2017 22:56

    Her eyes still creep me out

  • Joan W.
    06/28/2017 23:12

    The media on the whole is o.k. but some act so deranged with gotcha questions ...rude and crude are not exactly the people I would engage.

  • Robert M.
    06/28/2017 23:34

    Do your job then fake ass reporter.

  • Chandler R.
    06/29/2017 00:12

    Fake news at it again smh