Press Conf gone wrong

The organizer of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally tried to hold a press conference... Emphasis on "tried."

08/14/2017 12:00 AM
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  • Pulkit S.
    08/14/2017 15:10

    What an asshole

  • Bill D.
    08/14/2017 15:15

    A reminder of the actions of unhappy humans resorting to violence, again, due to the realization of no self-definition nor purpose in their own life. People like that are not true Americans and perhaps need to be invited out of the "United" States to learn respect for their fellow humans. Other countries hold you accountable, our country unfortunately still "enables the enabled" who love to play the victim card. This Ladies and Gentlemen is what "Ignorance by Choice" looks like.

  • Nuavaj E.
    08/14/2017 15:18

    That's what that fool gets. Typical narcissistic racist.

  • Yailin R.
    08/14/2017 15:23

    Doesnt he look like somebody we know 😂😂😂 maybe far cousins or something. Dont tell me you dont see it..

  • Christopher B.
    08/14/2017 15:23

    The guy who swung at him. Doesn't violence against him justify violence against you? In their minds it does at least.

  • Boris S.
    08/14/2017 15:24

    Hahahahahaha foh with your bullshit!!!!!

  • Ralph J.
    08/14/2017 15:25

    He's correct.

  • Crystal L.
    08/14/2017 15:26

    Can't fight violence with violence, I'm just saying.

  • Tania D.
    08/14/2017 15:27

    Arturo Duran

  • Matt N.
    08/14/2017 15:27

    Kill whitey!

  • Zach V.
    08/14/2017 15:28

    Get the fuck out of my state you cunt.

  • Ralph J.
    08/14/2017 15:29

    Do you see that?! They physically attacked him. THAT IS THE LEFT TODAY! Overflowing with hate, out of control, unwilling to listen, shouting down & shutting down by violence, so only their narrative can be heard.

  • Larry G.
    08/14/2017 15:30


  • Christian I.
    08/14/2017 15:32

    Lol guy. Majority of the resistance against you were white ppl. "Anti white hate" lies. I know there's freedom of speech but if your walking the streets talking shit about ppl who live in those same streets do you expect them to be nice? It's the. Basics of the world. Ppl may have forget them cause of technology but any time you open your mouth for disrespect. Expect someone to not take it lightly

  • Leunam N.
    08/14/2017 15:32

    Ran like a little bitch

  • DeAnn C.
    08/14/2017 15:36

    Police didn't even help !

  • Ekim E.
    08/14/2017 15:39

    Remember when punching Nazis was considered heroic and patriotic?

  • Joevanie L.
    08/14/2017 15:40

    Why do guys like this get chance after chance to prove a point. STOP. THE. CYCLE. WHAT DO YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?

  • Droseph M.
    08/14/2017 15:41

    No rational person is going to sit there and let someone spew hate, white supremacists need to be taken out back and shot

  • Kathleen M.
    08/14/2017 15:42

    this just gave me a headache