• Jennie S.
    08/16/2017 14:58

    Look at all the racists lmao

  • Latricia H.
    08/16/2017 09:14

    Kick his mfing ass lmao

  • Asivao C.
    08/15/2017 22:34

    Smash him!!😂😂

  • Emily H.
    08/15/2017 22:29

    Who things we should wrangle both sides up, send them to a terror dome, and let the idiots all kill each other?

  • Freeman G.
    08/15/2017 21:51

    Run Forrest

  • Ananias M.
    08/15/2017 21:47

    Anthony McCurn Sr.

  • Tysha B.
    08/15/2017 21:32


  • Franklin T.
    08/15/2017 21:19

    This is what they want people to fight hate with hate is the same as snake bitting you and instead of medicine you put more poison into your own body you fight hate by staying rational and not attacking showing them that you don't have to behave like them otherwise you become them

  • Kris A.
    08/15/2017 18:37

    Good fuk all those worthless pieces of crap

  • Kate K.
    08/15/2017 18:10

    ok I will watch this again. no problem. happy to do so.

  • Nicolette R.
    08/15/2017 15:35

    You're a literal nazi. How are you not violent???

  • Carlos P.
    08/15/2017 15:12

    Let's kick his ass wherever we see him.

  • Joseph W.
    08/15/2017 14:27

    Hahahaha...lol Nazi's dont deserve police protection. Looks like a guy that is suprised that the system isn't protecting him like it did his father and grandfather back in the day

  • Robyn B.
    08/15/2017 14:17

    If it's "anti white" hate then why are all the people who mobbed him white!!? Dumbass

  • Shay M.
    08/15/2017 14:12

    How was it anti-white hate when the majority of the protesters were in fact, white?!

  • Tyler C.
    08/15/2017 14:03

    Was that man getting aggressively prayed to....?

  • Brian B.
    08/15/2017 13:58

    Thanks a lot liberals. Yet again, you prove that there is no such thing as freedom of speech unless it's about liberal views.

  • Leslie L.
    08/15/2017 13:57

    100 Nazi scalps is my quota this year

  • David R.
    08/15/2017 13:55

    Dumb bastard

  • Corinne R.
    08/15/2017 13:48

    And was tackled by a woman. 👏🏻💪🏻👊🏻

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